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Teach ME how to potty train HER!
eclips1st wrote in parenting101
Is it normal for me to be so clueless about how potty training works?
At this point, my daughter is not quite 2 and a half and we've reached potty training milestones, I think...
1- She's no longer scared/annoyed at the potty and willingly accepts to sit on it. She does so fully clothed.
2- Because I know she ALWAYS pees when I start the water at bathtime, I've started sitting her on the potty when I start the water and both times I did, she peed (and there was much rejoicing.)

Now you're like ok, go on, what's the problem?

What now?
She doesn't ask for it or anything. I'm just lost and there's a nagging voice at the back of my mind telling me I shouldn't be!

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