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Preschool Giftmas?
Mutsumi and Tama by me
redqueenofevil wrote in parenting101
Hi everyone,

My daughter (age 2.5) started preschool just before Halloween. She has finally acclimatized to the class, and seems to be making friends. I anticipated that we would be giving holiday gifts to her teachers, and that is no biggie. I didn't think in depth about classmate gifts until I found a large goodie bag in my daughter's cubby hole today.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun of giving, I'm sort of at a loss for ideas that will be somewhat unique in a sea of Crayolas and lollipops. I'm looking at gifts for 12.

Do you prepare goodie bags for your children's classmates for this time of year? Any ideas that won't cause cavities or anaphylactic shock are a plus.

As an added bonus, what are your favorite fun teacher gifts beyond Starbucks/iTunes gift cards? I'm thinking about gift certificates to a local bookstore, but I realize not everyone is into that kind of thing.

Thank you for your time.

I kept it simple and made sugar cookies for the (6) teachers and aides, and out them in adorable take out containers I bought at Michaels.
I honestly had no idea kids would also be giving out gifts! Maybe I need to rethink things...

I was surprised as well.

I was initially thinking about cookies, but there is a policy about not giving sugary sweets. I do make cookies for my own students though, so maybe I'll look for some new recipes this year and run it by the teachers. Thanks for the ideas.

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I gave out slinkys in the goodie bags for my son's birthday last year and they were a HUGE hit. I found them at Michael's in the $1 bin!

Slinkys seem like a fun idea, actually. Thank you for the suggestion.

Our daycare typically doesn't do classroom gift exchanges, but they do have a book exchange.

Some fun, but inexpensive ideas: matchbox cars, toy soldiers, socks (you can often find cute holiday ones for $1 at Target), dollar books, peruse your local dollar store for fun things.

Can you tell me more about the book exchange? That sounds super cool.

Thank you for the gift ideas.

Every kid brings a wrapped age appropriate book, then each child gets to pick a book (or is given one depending upon the age) to unwrap and take home. They love it.

I forgot to add this as well! The preschool sent home a note saying to wrap a new book with my son's name on it, and they do a book exchange after the holiday show. I thought this was a great idea!

Our preschool is doing this with coloring books.

I'm not sure what I'm going to be making food wise for the party but for teacher gifts I'm having my son make handmade cards for both teachers and then inside the card I'm putting gift cards to Michaels. I figure they spend a lot of their own money on art supplies for the class so this will either help with that or they can get something for their own use.

That's a really neat idea. I didn't even think about crafting gifts. Thank you!

Between my kids, we've been at 1 preschool and 5 elementaries and the kids have never exchanged gifts nor do I plan to start.
For teachers, gift cards and/or baked goods are really the way to go. My middle son's school has the room parents collect money from everyone to buy teacher gifts, so they can actually get something good. I like that.

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In the toddler room, I think I gave each of the kids a board book and mitten clips...The daycare was fairly diverse, so I went with winter themes rather than holidays. I got everything from the dollarstore.

I don't give teachers gift certificates to book stores, because I don't want them to be tempted to buy something for the class. I want them to spend the money on themselves. LAst year, I gave a pretty scented candle, a bag of Lindor chocolates, and a $15 gift card to Tim Hortons to each teacher. I brought a box of coffee and a donuts for the staff room. This year, he is in daycare and school, so there are 50 million teachers involved. His main teachers (3 in total) will each get a small box of chocolates or cookies and a Tims or a Visa gift card. The dollar store sells the mini boxes of Turtles, Lindt, Russell Stouver's, etc, so all the other teachers my son insists on giving to will recieve a card with one of these chocolates taped to the envelope. That was actually the first gift I ever received from one of my kids (I'm an ECA) and I loved it. I figure I'll spend about $15 on the mini chocolates and $5 on a box of cards, and get at least 12 teachers covered.

We get lots of candy canes at school but I don't give any out. *meanie*

I had several kids in school at the same time. I bought a nice mug for each teacher and one box of assorted 'special' cocoa packets (raspberry flavor, etc.) and put three different packets in each mug. Wrapped each one in an inexpensive 'wine bottle' paper bag with top half cut off and tied a pretty bow. They were always very well received!!

Play-Doh, stickers, cars, etc.

i always like getting giftcards to Target, Starbucks, and Barnes & Noble.

please do not buy mugs with coffee or cocoa. teachers get TONS of those and it gets old after the first five or ten times...

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Well, I gave mine out some ten or more years ago and it was always mentioned how much the special cocoa was enjoyed! I guess too many people copied my idea!!

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