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Preschool Giftmas?
Mutsumi and Tama by me
redqueenofevil wrote in parenting101
Hi everyone,

My daughter (age 2.5) started preschool just before Halloween. She has finally acclimatized to the class, and seems to be making friends. I anticipated that we would be giving holiday gifts to her teachers, and that is no biggie. I didn't think in depth about classmate gifts until I found a large goodie bag in my daughter's cubby hole today.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun of giving, I'm sort of at a loss for ideas that will be somewhat unique in a sea of Crayolas and lollipops. I'm looking at gifts for 12.

Do you prepare goodie bags for your children's classmates for this time of year? Any ideas that won't cause cavities or anaphylactic shock are a plus.

As an added bonus, what are your favorite fun teacher gifts beyond Starbucks/iTunes gift cards? I'm thinking about gift certificates to a local bookstore, but I realize not everyone is into that kind of thing.

Thank you for your time.

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