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My mama said...

This is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I wish all kids "argued" like this. haha.

Update : Planes, Oh, Planes!
Update on my recent trip. My kid loves flying!

On the way there I made sure to feed her during take off and after that she just sat in our laps and played with her new toys. I cried.

On the way home she passed out during take off and slept about 70% of the way. Woke up and played and we fed her towards nearing the end of the flight. TONS of turbulence descending into Baltimore. I had a panic attack. YES. With medicine. I'm sad, I know.

Thanks for all the help and advice everyone!!!! Hopefully it'll be easier for our next trip too.

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Quick question: "Are you feeding her cereal yet?" comes up...like...literally all the time. So much so I feel like I should ask ya'll. Should I be feeding her cereal? She's 90% for height, weight and head circumference so she's already big for her age and we feed her the following:

630am: 6 ounces of formula, 1 jar of fruits
930am: 8 ounces of formula
1230pm: 6 ounces of formula, 1 jar of vegetables
330pm: 8 ounces of formula
630pm: 6 ounces of formula, 1 jar of vegetables

7pm she's asleep.

This varies slightly, sometimes she's not hungry exactly every three hours etc. So is there a reason everyone is all over cereal and always ask me why I'm not feeding her cereal?

Confronting your own mortality as a parent
This may be a triggering post, so I'm going to put it under a cut.

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Opinions please!
[stock] gummi worms
Thoughts on teachers using walking laps as a punishment?

Does your opinion change:

1) The age of the child/children in question? For instance, is it okay for 5th graders but not okay for kindergarteners?

2) The amount of laps? One is okay, 5 excessive?

3) The weather?

4) The reasoning?

5) What about mass punishment? Little Timmy acts crazy in the library, so the whole class has to walk laps.


ETA: I posted a couple of weeks ago about one of my children's bathroom issues. Post is here: http://parenting101.livejournal.com/7632745.html

Just wanted to say thank you for all the responses. Turns out it was a large polyp, and she is now free of issues! :)

weaning from wake up nursing
I have a 16 month old who is night weaned but still nurses countless times during the day. She wakes up between 6:30 and 7am and immediately screams bloody murder until I come in to take her to bed to nurse with me. I am pregnant and really have next to no milk left, so she switches sides often, climbs all over me and the bed, and is basically a tyrant. And it is very obvious that she is starving, so we get up and get her breakfast which she inhales. I am so ready to wean her from the wake up nursing, but what worked for my other kids is not working for her. With the other kids we just had dad go in when they woke up and give them a zippy cup of water/milk/hemp milk, whatever was each kids favorite. They would chug it and then go back to sleep or play in their crib quietly for about 20minutes or so. But with this child, she refuses to take a drink of anything, either out of her sippy cup or a regular cup when she wants to nurse. The moment she see dad walk in she flies into hysterics, screams herself silly and wakes up the entire house. Hubby says we should just wean her all the way by just stopping cold turkey. I would hate to do that, but without any other ideas, I am at a loss.

Ryun - FNAF
Starting to get to the point where little guy likes listining to music. I was curious about other's stance on just listening to what the parents like? I sure didn't grow up listaning to 'Wheels on the bus' or 'clasical music' when I was young. We jammed to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc. Obviously we don't listen to hard core stuff blatantly talking about sex/drugs etc, but we like listaning to the radio.  Atm I'm making some CD's for him with My Little Pony remixed music and some Videogame music from games I like. (Like Animal Crossing and Pokemon etc) or we just put on Pandora in the car.

What do you guys think?

Party Food?
Okay parents, I need help (obviously). My three year old is having his a birthday party coming up and I'm wondering what type of food to serve? There we be adults and toddlers/preschool age kids. It is at lunch time, so we're getting pizzas and juice boxes for the kids. (There will be cake and ice cream). What should I offer for the adults or should I not offer anything different?


Potty accidents
tenma drawing
My daughter turns four next month and had been potty trained since just before 2 years. She regressed a bit when her sister was born this last February but had gotten better. Now in the last three months she's started having accidents because she's waiting too long or just doesn't want to bother with going to the bathroom. Today we were all playing in her room and I notice her bouncing oddly on her bed I asked her if she needed to use the potty. She was adamant that she didn't need to.
Five minutes later she gets up and there's a huge wet spot on the bed. I asked her why she went potty in her pants and she said because she didn't want to stop playing. When she does this I give consequences. I make her go sit on the potty to make sure everything is out, change her and since she had the accident because she didn't want to stop playing we were done playing that particular game. She melted down over this and I ended up giving her an early bedtime.

I'm going nuts. She was awesome about using the potty for a year and a half and now we need to make her sit on the toilet every four hours if she doesn't go herself and it's turning into a battle. I'm at the point where I'm starting to react in anger and I don't want that so I need to take a huge step back and reassess how I'm handling this. I'd love advice from any parents who've been through this. What worked for you?

How To Entertain Your Little Dragon
Ryun - FNAF
My little guy is 13 weeks and I'm having a hard time recently trying to entertain him during the day. He doesn't really tolerate much of anything for more than 10-15min at a time and goes from chill to sounds like I'm killing him crying in 0 seconds flat. He also will not allow me to set him down for more than 10 min or so either. I'm lucky if I can leave the room and go to the bathroom while he wiggles on the floor.

Here's a list of things I've been through the day:
-Chill on changing station on floor for 20 min after waking up
-Talk to him on changing station (seems I get the best reaction from him while he's laying down or in his bouncer)
-Read books
-Swing in his swing with music and mobile
-Sing to
-Sit in bouncer and play with toy or rag (he has recently taken to chewing on the rags and towels)
-Play Mat (he seems to dislike this toy the most, he gets bored very easy 5min tops
-Rock in rocking chair and listen to music
-Walk around the house
-Walk to get the mail
-Sit outside while dog goes to the bathroom
-Watch a tiny bit of TV
-Bounce on knee
-Baby Dance with through the house

I am a stay at home mom (and work occasionally when he goes to bed at night or when my SIL takes care of him during the day). His nap times and feeding are still a bit too sparatic to pin down. I can usually tell when he's fussy and wants a nap. I just feel like I might be boring him to naps and don't want him to over sleep?? I've borrowed one of my SIL's carriers but again he doesn't tolerate them more than 10 min or so at a time and he absolutely abhors the two wraps I have.
Am I just expecting too much for him to be entertained for more than 10 min at a time? It's running me ragged. Is this just a phase or is he still too young? Any tips on what else I can do? What sort of toys or games I could play? This is my first one so I'm not fully sure what to do now that he's not 100% sleeping and eating all day.
Thanks in advance.

Many Allergies, How Do We Handle Them?
Or Maybe Midgets
So, my daughter is 15 months old. She's nearly always had some kind of rash, and was diagnosed with atopic eczema at 6 months.

Recently she was covered with hives two hours after eating part of an egg roll off my plate at a Chinese restaurant. A trip to the ER and eventually the allergist and some scratch tests gave us a list of things she's allergic to.

Peanuts (we called the restaurant, and found they fry egg rolls in peanut oil)
Tree nuts

The allergist told me to keep giving her meats, fruits, and vegetables. She drinks water and breastmilk, and he told me not to introduce any more beverages and keep nursing her as long as I can. I told him she loves toast, but he cautioned me that she might be allergic to certain breads. He said to go to the store and read labels on bread products to make sure they don't have eggs, dairy, or soy in them.

Trouble is, almost all the bread, crackers, and cereal have soy in them. For some reason, "100% Whole Wheat Bread" of any brand has soy flour in it. I found the artisan bread from the store bakery is the only bread that hasn't got soy, eggs, or milk in it. It also costs twice as much as the bread in the aisle, and there are never coupons for it.

Should I cut toast out of her diet? I don't want to, since there are so many things she can't eat already. But if I buy her bread she can eat, it means we have to cut some meat, fruit, and veggies out of the groceries since we won't have the money for them.

She tried rice cakes, and didn't like them. I'm unsure what to do.

Toilet training dilemma
ad_happylucille by musguita
My daughter is 27 months old and absolutely ready to potty train.  Yesterday she told us twice, once in the morning and once in the evening, that she needed to pee, and actually did both times.  She shows interest in the other kids at kindergarten and the carers agree she is ready.

Problem is, we are not ready.  I was going to do it with her when we both had two weeks at home together in July, and we were doing practices, got thematically appropriate books, bought her underpants, etc.  But then, on the advice of the dentist, losing the dummy (pacifier) became a higher priority, and we didn’t want to manage both together.  We thought, okay, she’s still young, we’ll do it at Christmas.  However, now because of a family emergency, we have to fly home over Christmas (long haul, major disruption, not at home, etc.).  So this really isn’t an ideal time to try either.  Easter would be our next chance at home!

Obviously the kindergarten can’t do hard core potty training either.  However, agreeing that she really seems to want to learn, the teacher suggested we could put our daughter in pull-up nappies, and then she could easily be placed on the toilet when other kids are going to see if she can essentially train herself.

Does this actually work? My concern is that if she is still essentially wearing a nappy, there is no real incentive to pre-empt the need to visit the bathroom, and then it will take forever to get her trained properly.

Any experience with gradual toilet training like this? I’m desperate!  

Shoe size help
Look out
We are likely adopting a little boy in the next month or two. He is in an orphanage in another country. The only size measurements I have are that he is 14 kg (30 lbs) and 90 cm (35.5 inches), and these measurements are from April. He's 3-4 years old, exact age is unknown.

When we arrive we have to go to court and have him dressed up. I'm thinking he will be in 3T clothes, but have no idea what size shoes. What shoe sizes were your kids wearing at this height/weight? How much "growing room" can you have in a shoe (i.e. how far off can I be)? Can a kid easily wear shoes that are a whole size off?

Worst case scenario we can get shoes there, but the thought of taking 2 kids (we are adopting a little girl as well) to a shopping mall, that we've known for less than 24 hours and can't communicate with, is a terrifying proposal to me.

Difficulty with moving
wistful lois
So, I will give the short version;

My family recently uprooted and moved across country from Atlanta to Chicago partly because of my husbands job, in the sense he hated his old one, and the new job in Chicago seems like the best choice. And also partly because we wanted to be near family, for our kids to grow up around family as my husband and I had when we were kids so we are moving to where I grew up.

Our house is still for sale in Atlanta so in the mean time, we are all staying at my dads house until the house sells and we can then purchase a new one here. About a month and a half ago me and my dd (3 yrs 8 mos old) and ds (just turned 9mos old) moved up here while my husband stayed down there to finish getting the house ready to put on the market and tie things up at his old job, and we figured it would be easier to put the house on the market without the kids and all of their kid stuff all over. A week ago my husband finally got up here.

My daughter has been having a very hard time with all of these changes, new state, being at grandma and grandpas, daddy not being there, new school for preschool, and relatively new baby...oh and before we moved, our dog was really sick and we had to put him down. Her temper tantrums have been off the charts horrible. I know it is because she is struggling with all of this, but I had hoped it would improve when my husband got up here and she could be near him again every day. And it has, to some extent, but it is still tough for her and still awful. Today was really bad.

She woke up from a nap and just howled and cried, full blown hysterical temper tantrum for an hour and 10 minutes straight, no stopping. Awful. Worst ever. We tried ignoring, we tried putting her in her room, we tried consoling, nothing worked. It started when she woke up and said she wanted milk and when we offered it to her in a big girl cup with a straw she melted down hysterical for a sippy cup to which we said no, because she can't behave that way and expect to get what she wanted.

Eventually she said she was frustrated about moving and wanted to be back home at the old house, she was pleading to go back and it just broke my heart.

My dad and step mom have put up princess and ballerina decor, put purple (her favorite color) linens and comforter on her bed and changed their guest room into her room. They tried to help by making it her room as much as possible.

They got us a pool membership, a membership to the local zoo here, we have taken her there multiple times, I'm between jobs so I am home with her every day and she goes to preschool twice a week in the mornings. There is a 6 year old boy next door who plays with her on a fairly regular basis, family members stop by to play with her, etc. When she has expressed before wanting to go back to the old house I have talked with her about it, snuggled with her, hugged her, etc.

Any suggestions on how to help her with this transition would be much appreciated. My husband and I are struggling and it just breaks our hearts to see her so upset and having a hard time with all of it.

Airplanes oh Airplanes
George w/Ghost Baby
How do you handle flying with a baby when YOU are extremely horrified of planes?

I'm well aware of how irrational and silly it is. I've tried numerous things to fix it and the only thing that helps is XANAX. My doctor gives me a weeks work, to help me sleep the night before and for the plane itself. There and back.

I have to do this once a year for work. It's always in a different place. Sometimes 5 hours, sometimes 2 hours. This year it's in Florida so it's about 2 hours. I'm there for a week so I have time to recoup before returning. BUT I have a baby now. GASP. She will be 8 months for the first flight and 10 months for the second flight.

My husbands cousin just had a baby so we're flying from Maryland to Wisconsin to meet him + have all his family meet our kid. A lot of them flew out to us but not the whole lot of em. So this'll be our "practice trip" and it'll be my husband, our baby and me flying together. I hate taking XANAX around my kid. I'm a little loopy and I just...what if? So my husband is a great flyer and loves it and is all "well I'll just take care of her by myself, no worries" and for my work trip in Nov. to Florida...he'll be flying down there on his own when my convention is over so we can spend time down there with my inlaws for Thanksgiving.

This entry is longer then I had planned. I guess I'm just wondering how I handle being on a plane with a baby and not be completely useless. I'm planning on feeding her during take off but other then that I don't know what to do. She gets bored and is very active and enjoys a lot of interaction. She talks a LOT. AND our flight leaves at 630pm on a Friday and that is her bedtime. Sigh. So I am already just...not looking forward to any of this. And we're only staying there until Sunday so it's such a short trip. Buying her her own seat would cost $500 extra so we're checking everything(which even as an infant she gets one free check in item and one carry on) and I guess strapping her in with the baby Bjorn or another sort of wrap? She's always HATED those. My husband said she should be fine if we just hold her but I worry what if unexpected turbulence arises? Omg I'm already starting to panic just thinking about it. OKAY. She hates pacifiers. And then I worry about everyone else around us just hating us and then getting angry and people are just fucking crazy on planes...so I'm just...I don't know what to do. Can I just cancel? LOL

Any tips? Advice? Anything?

1st Road Trip!
Ryun Nod
So we are going on our first little road trip as a family. Little S is 12 weeks now and will be 15 weeks once we go. I plan on sitting in the back with him to keep him calm and entertained while we go. I was curious what little things I could do to keep a 3mo old content on the road? Luckily he's bottle fed so that won't be a issue and we won't have to stop for that, but we might if he gets fussy when needing burps. Also we are going into some mountians so the air pressure might be an issue with ear popping. Any suggestions on how to ease the transition for him?

Typically the trip is a 4 hr drive but we are anticipating a 5-6 because of needing to stop. Hopefully I'm over thinking things and he might sleep through majority of the ride! *crosses fingers* (I'm hoping husband can find a way to dismantal the swing and bring it.. hahah...)

Also one last question. We are going to be staying in a cabin in the mountians and I was wondering if we should just boil and bring our own water from home in gallons instead of boiling there for his formula? The cabins are completely furnished like homes. (Pidgeon Forge Cabins are the best lol) I'm just not 100% sure of the mountian water there.

Any other tips for first time vacations with baby? It will be a 3 day trip. Thank you all!

Crafty projects
Its so weird to post here, I haven't been around for a long time...I used to post about my oldest when he was a baby, and he's almost 8 now O_O

Anyways, I have three boys now, almost 8, 2.5 and 5 months. I only know boys. I'm taking on my friends' daughter (she'll be three in like two weeks) and her 8 week old son one day a week for extra money and to help her out. So on that one day, I'd like to be able to keep the bigger ones busy while I tend to the wee ones.

Problem is, I have NO CLUE how to entertain a girl, lol. She's a lot more mature and articulate than my son. I'd like to do a project or a couple of small projects that they can explore on their own with minimal interventions to keep them busy, but I don't know what a super active/stubborn/impatient two year old boy and a mature laid back three year old girl can do together. They play nicely together, they've known each other since my son was born. When they came over for a trial run they played basketball outside, drew on our dry erase boards, and played on the porch with bubbles. But this was only for 2 hours vs. the 8 she'll be here on Thursday, and I need inside activities, its still hot in Texas.

Thoughts? Websites? Tell me I'm insane? Lol.

has any airline asked for certification proof on your car seats?

I went to Buy Buy Baby today to purchase lightweight harness booster car seats for my children today and alas, there were none to be had. I ended up buying a graco high back turbo booster, which is all off 8 pounds but NOT FAA certified.

Should I take my chances, or return them? The Cosco Scenara looked really uncomfortable and seemed like it wouldn't hold my almost 5 year old for very much longer (it was online, not in store)
FWIW, 2 kids, one is almost 5, (40 lbs 44 inches) the other will be 3 (in November) 31 lbs right now. They're both in Britax car seats regularly, but we are looking for a)lightweight and b) inexpensive.


(no subject)

Our baby (almost two months old) is in #1 diapers and has been leaking a bit out of the back at night (he sleeps 7+ hours in a row at night.. amazing.) The diapers dont' seem to big for him - they go up to 14 lbs, and he's about 13 - and we have a bunch extra so we're hesitant to go up to the next size if it's likely something else is the problem.

Do these diapers just not go that long? They're huggies snug-and-dry something (from Costco) and they say up to 12 hours.. but a couple of times we've had a little bit of leakage out the back overnight.


Thanks :)

Biting in Frustration/Anger?
About a week ago my (almost) 3 year old starting biting (or trying too) me when he was mad or frustrated at me. This hasn't really, ever been an issue, and now all of sudden it is. He bit two kids once at daycare when he was about 15 months old, but since then we've never had a problem. Now all of sudden he is biting me when he gets told no and is unsatisfied with a response he gets. He doesn't just bite, though, it is the anger in his face that really has be concerned. He looks SO mad, his faces gets beat red, and then he reaches for my arm and just BITES. He bit my arm so hard, he drew a small amount of blood and left a bruise that lasted for a few days.

Until today, he mostly kept his biting to me. Since the first incident, I've gotten quicker at figuring out what he's going to do and have prevented him from biting me. Today he tried to bite his father, when Daddy was holding his baby sister and my son wanted to be held instead.

The biting (or trying to) comes when he is mad about not getting what he wants. We haven't changed any of normal routines or discipline. From my perspective the biting is coming from a place of frustration over not getting what he wants. I'm concerned about him biting other kids. We go to playdates at least twice a week and he has a preschool co-op twice a week.

How do you teach a 3 year old (he'll be 3 in about a week) how to properly channel his frustration or anger? or how to deal with it instead of biting?

White Noise Maker
Ryun Square
Does anyone have a good afordable suggestion for a white noise maker that doesn't cut off after 10-20 min? My little one has one in his swing in his room and I turn it on at night but it bearly lasts 10min before shutting off. I need something that will last ALL NIGHT LONG until I turn it off. Any suggestions? I'm a light sleeper and sleep with a noisy fan, I find that he sleeps better without grunting and shifting for long periods of time while his noise maker is on. Can be any noises, static, waves, rain, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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