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Crib Bumpers

Long story short, I'm having my second baby in July and a good friend with mad sewing skillz is making my baby bedding.

[Fears of a Mad Pregnant Woman]

She asked originally if I wanted bumpers and I didn't think much on it and said yes (note: she hasn't started sewing yet, so I could call her and be like NOOOOOO if I needed to be). I'd used them with my first and y'know, they're just sort of everywhere. Well, the whole world changes in babyland all the time and wouldn't you know that things are way different six-seven years later. With my first, I didn't keep them in the crib until he was around 6 months and could roll around himself, lift his head, etc.

Now, however, in the haze of pregnancy anxiety and trying to play catch up on all the rules, I'm second guessing myself. I tried googling alternative ways to dress up a nursery without bumpers but everyone keeps suggesting breathable bumpers which isn't the point I'm going for. I'm all about some decor and I just bought two yards of specialty fabric that was kind of pricey and I want to use it somehow.

Right now she's planning on:

- curtains
- crib skirt
- bumpers (which I want to change out)

- floor pillow/bean bag (for my older son so he could hang out in the nursery and be near me and his brother).

What could I replace the bumpers with decor-wise? I'd rather be safe than not :P

(A side note is that I'd hate for her to make these beautiful bumpers and then I toss them in the corner 90% of the time)

What gate should I get?

I need a baby gate.  the problem is the way my stairs are designed (see picture).  The gate needs to be able to attach at the bottom, underneath the banister, and be designed such that I can use zip ties to secure the top.  This space is about 50" wide. I would prefer a taller gate with a door, and the lower the price the better.  Thanks for your help.

The area in questionCollapse )

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Pressure Mounted Baby Gates?

Any recommendations for pressure mounted baby gates? I need something at the base of the stairs to keep my 9 month old from climbing up the stairs. We rent and cannot drill/screw anything into walls so it must be pressure mounted. I'd prefer wood, if possible, just because I like the look of wood over plastic but if the best option out there is plastic, I'm okay with that, too. Since we go up and down the stairs a lot, I'm hoping to find something that is very easy to remove and put back on again and again. I've been looking at several on Amazon but the reviews are all over the place. Thank you!

WIDE Baby Gate Recommendations?

My (almost) 10 month old started crawling a week ago. HOLY CRAP, this kid is fast! We've moved all the stuff he can get to now by crawling, pulling up and cruising... but we wanna get some baby gates to keep him out of the kitchen, and to corral him into the front of the house so we can keep an eye on him.

My house has an "open" floor plan, which is making this a treat. The three openings I'm looking to block are 43", 45" and 48". So I'm gonna need a WIDE gate at each, presumably the kind with the door to pass through.

Anyone got a gate they love (or HATE) for me to check out? The reviews on Amazon are SO all over the board on each gate, I don't know what to believe.

Halp, P101?

Jan. 25th, 2011

I am a stay at home mom of six children.  My youngest just turned three and is very active.  In the afternoon, I have him and my 5 year old with me, alone... since the older kids are at school.

The family room is childproofed, and sealed off from the rest of the house (an open floor plan) with a large gate that is bolted to the walls.  It's a Hearthgate which is made to go around fireplaces, but is good for use in the rest of the house as well.

My son is pretty tall for his age, and like I said... he's active.  He's started to climb over the gate.  In seconds, he can scale right over it and not miss a beat.  This isn't an issue when I'm there... I can scoop him right back up and put him back in the family room and redirect him.  But when I'm out of the room... ugh.  Just now I went to the bathroom and came back to find him out.  And in the three minutes he was out, he'd thrown books off of shelves, pushed buttons on the computer, and spilled water all over himself and the floor from the push-dispenser in the front of the fridge.  Once I found him in my 13 year old daughter's room getting into her things... CD's, jewelry, etc.

Normal three-year-old stuff... I know this.  He's number six after all.  But he is, so far, the only kid I've had that has been able to climb over my safety gates at this young age.  I've asked the five year old to let me know when he gets out of the family room, and she does... sometimes.  But I feel like that shouldn't be on her shoulders either. 

What I'm thinking about doing is getting one of those "toddler leashes" like this and securing it somewhere in the family room.  Like perhaps to a chair or the linen closet doorknob... hooking him up to it when I have to leave the room, and unhooking him when I return.  He wouldn't be restrained for longer than the few minutes it would take me to go to the bathroom or put laundry away or whatever, and I wouldn't use it when there were other people here capable of keeping an eye on him, like my husband or older children.

I hate the idea of doing something like that... but I am really at my wit's end with him and I don't know what else to do.  What do you all think? 

The Battle of the Cord

First time poster.

While I have baby proofed and sectioned off an entire room, my darling daughter who is 13.5 months old, has found one of the few things I can't really get rid of or change and has become obsessed with it. I use a laptop during the day and because my battery life is only one hour, I have to leave it plugged in. Unfortunately, there are no plugs to allow me to stash the cord behind the couch or otherwise out of her reach/sight. The problem is, she loves to play with the cord. I've tried various methods of getting her to leave it alone, from redirection, to stern talking to, gently leading her away and attempting to engage her in something else and even a tap on the diaper doesn't seem to dissuade her from her love of the damnable cord. If I step into the kitchen, or have to turn my attention away for even a moment, she goes straight for it. I'm at my wits end and would love some suggestions.

Is my only choice to possibly set up an extension cord so that I can plug it in behind the sofa?

Feb. 25th, 2010

So we're looking to rent a house nearby. It would suit all our needs, the only problem I can see is that is has electric baseboard heaters. I've never lived anywhere with these before, but it was on when we looked at the place, and it seemed to get pretty hot. I'm also worried about the sharp slats inside. My kid is almost 9 months old and he's starting to get into everything. I've looked up covers for these things, and they're pretty expensive. For those of you with baseboard heaters in your homes, what do you do to make them safe?

Safe places for medicine

How do you keep medicines safe in your home? Does anyone use an actual safe or lockbox of some kind, and if so, was it inexpensive, and if so, where did you get it? My son is getting to an age and climbing ability where I don't think medicine cabinets and high shelves are going to cut it anymore, and he is fascinated by other people's vitamins and medicines. I'm thinking of a locking file box, but even those have keys which we're going to need to access regularly, and I'm afraid he'll see where we keep them and figure the whole thing out. I do have eyeballs on him most of the time, but not every minute, which is why I want to take no chances with the medicines.

Help with baby gates

I have an open floor plan and I am looking for a baby gate to go between a freestanding pillar in the center of the greatroom to the wall. The opening is 84" and I would love to not have to drill holed in the pillar. It is wood, not drywall, and would be difficult to repair when we must sell the home in 4 years.
So far, the only gate I have found to fit the opening is the Sure and Secure Custom-Fit Gate, but it requires hadrware mounting. I also saw the Regalo Flexi Gate, but it fits a 76" opening and I'm not sure if a 10" extension will make it too big for us.

Any brilliant ideas?

baby gates for super human giant babies.

so my almost-6 month old is crawling and crawling FAST-- any advice on best baby gates/baby gates to avoid? we have no stairs so thats not an issue but this chick is strong and tall, does that impact on our selection?

thanks guys!

Super Yard question

I scored a SuperYard for less than half price this weekend (yay!); much needed for life with an 11 mth old :)

We've set it up in our living room, which has hardwood floors.
My son has figured out that if he pushes on the SuperYard, it will glide perfectly on the floors, so it ends up being Cai (my bebe) and the SuperYard cruising around the living room, in search of Mumma (not that I'm too far off, just around the corner in the kitchen most of the time).

Any ideas on how to prevent / stop the cruising around? I mean, it's not the worst thing in the world since he can't get into too much harm or trouble with an entire SuperYard surrounding him, but it'd be nice to have him stay put in one spot.


Spoiling your Infant.

My partner and I are currently in disagreement about how responding to a child's cries can spoil them. My son is 10 months old and is very active, very mobile, very curious and very fast.

Currently, our largest challenge is keeping him happily occupied in a space that is safe. We have a space our spare bedroom that’s great, but spending the whole day there is not always feasible. He's great at independent play, but his patience is short when he's hungry or tired.

The reason this comes up today... This morning, kiddo is hanging out just waking up, in bed with Dad while I'm getting ready for work. He wanted to play with the curtains, the painting hanging over our bed, or otherwise, non-baby toys. When pulled away from said non-baby toys, he cried. He kept crying, even though he was being held. After a few minutes of whiney cries it turned into all-out-sobbing. I stopped getting dressed to go back into the bedroom to see what the issues were.

My thoughts? He's a baby. 10 months. Crying is how he communicates. If he is frustrated he lets us know. However, he is also easily distracted. I've encouraged the substitution of age appropriate toys, but he also has a short attention span. He's also going through a lot of Mom-separation anxiety. I don't think that at this age when it turns into full on distress crying that comforting him is the wrong thing to do, and that I'm bound for a spoiled brat who will always get his way. He stopped crying immediately when Dad handed him over to me.

My partners thoughts? If we always respond to him when he cries now, he's going to learn that he can manipulate us by crying. We can't "give in" to his cries because he'll turn into a "brat".

What say you P101? What are your ideas on an appropriate age to not respond to a child's cries when you are not able to give them something they want?

I want to honor what my partner thinks and has to say because he’s a parent too. However, in this case, I don’t think right now, between teething, separation anxiety, or whatever else is going on at the moment, that picking up my 10 month old son when he cries is going to turn him into a spoiled heathen. But when do you draw the line?

Need Child proofing help.

My son won't stop messing with the glass doors on our tv stand. I have yet to find some thing to put in front of the stand that he can not move out of the way. Bad thing about having a 14 month old and wood floors. The doors stay closed on by a magnet in the middle where the doors meet. I have seen a lock for glass tv cabinet doors before. But now I can't find it. Does any one know what I am talking about?

Also my son likes to bang toys against the tv screen. My boyfriend has heard of a hard plastic screen that you can put over the screen to protect the screen from scratches. We have a 34 in flat screen tube tv if that makes a difference. I have seen the static cling ones but not large enough. But my boyfriend says that is not what he is talking about. Can any one help me out on this?

One more. I need a fire place gate. That is very adjustable in angles/ short panels. Also at a reasonable price. To fit around our fire place. Our living room is small and most of the gates I have seen would take up a heck of a lot of floor space(this is the room my son spends the most time in. So I would like to maintain as much floor space as possible). We have a gas fire place. That does not get hot and we don't use any ways(the gas is turned off so my son can't accidentally turn it on). The two main reason I want it blocked off is the black grout in the tile was never sealed and there for crumbles black over my son's hands when he touches it. I have the bottom tiles covered with a blanket(which will probably stay even after the gate goes around it). Plus he likes to bang things against the glass and I am worried about him breaking it. I don't have the time or money right now to scrape the grout out and redo it so, it can be sealed. And I really don't have the money to just take the fire place out Even though I would love too. So does any one have any suggestions for this? It does not have to be a fire place gate. Since we have no plans of turning the gas back onto the fire place. The thing uses way to much gas and produces way to little heat.

Outlet covers

Ok, so my 10 month old has figured out how to take the outlet covers off the electrical outlets. Yay? Are there other options for child-proofing outlets? Other than, you know, pushing furniture in front of them?

What next!?

That's it. I'm done.

My nerves are fried.....absolutely fried.

We had our fourth choking incident today. Good god I can't believe this keeps happening!!
The first time he managed to bite off a huge piece of banana from Matt's plate while he wasn't looking and promptly got it so badly stuck in his throat that he turned blue and stopped breathing. Banana!! Of course, my heart stooped as well and I, panic stricken, scooped him up and turned him upside down. No luck. I then did the baby Heimlich. No luck. So I had to resort to shoving my finger way, way down his throat as well and fishing it out. We both then sat of the floor crying and shaking for about ten minutes:(

Then two days ago he pulled a bit of string out of a stuffed toy and tried swallowing that as well. A string!! Again he chocked severely. Again, I had to go in after it and reel it back out. Again we both sat crying and shaking in aftershock.

So I asininely cleaned, scoured, and vacuumed all of the house, then  baby proofed, baby proofed and re-baby proofed  everything in sight.  But low and behold...the cat carried one of her toys into the living room where he could get to it and  he quickly bit off a feather and tried to  swallow it as well. Repeat of the chocking, fishing out and crying.

So tonight, he was cruising around the room and stopped in front of the radio. We have one like this. Well, while we were both watching him he  reached up and, like an old pro, popped of a button an popped it in his mouth. He then began to choke. Cue another repeat of the horror and panic of the previous events. I didn't even entertain the thought that those buttons could be pulled out!!

I feel like I'm an awful parent who's going to kill my baby. But  I also feel as though my house could be spotlessly clean and empty and that little guy would peel paint off the walls and choke on that! I can't take my eyes off of him. Every slight cough sends me running and trembling over him to see what it is.The park has become a frightening place as well has, well....everywhere else. I now look at every rock, every stick, and everything else as a possible death trap. I feel as though I can't enjoy a single moment of the day without being on terrified pins and needles. It just sucks! And I feel so very bad for him too. All he's trying to do is explore and test new things and he ends up in a traumatic circumstance. My poor baby.
Someone please tell me this is just a phase.......

Baby Gate help

I am in need of some suggestions in regards to putting a baby gate at the top and bottom of my stairs. We have bought a couple and none of them fit correctly. We have kind of a weird configuration with the banister and the hand rail so it makes it difficult to find anything that works.

picture of what I am talking aboutCollapse )

I know there are kits you can get that wrap around the spindle of the banister so you can drill into that, but the problem we are having is really with the other side. The handrail is so low that nothing fits underneath it. It also occured to me to come out past the handrail and get an extension or something so that I can do a 90 degree angle to attach it to the banister on the other side. The problem with THAT is; as you can see in the picture, the banister doesn't come all the way down - so I still end up with a gap that I'm not sure how to deal with.

So that's a really long rambling post that probably could have been shortened to a picture and 'any suggestions?'.

Any suggestions?? My little guy loooooves to climb and the free-standing gate that I keep there now isn't going to deter him for much longer.



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