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So after 5 years of trying and several rounds of IVF, we just had our first baby on January 23rd.

He was in special care for a week and half due to being a preemie and had some lung issues, but is fine now.

We are trying to breastfeed, but are bottle feeding bm while working on his latch (small mouth). We used the preemie bottles in the hospital, and now avent bottles at home. We burp him, but he doesn't always burp. If we hold him afterwards he is fine, but as soon as we put him down he gets the hiccups.

I'm tempted to give him gripe water, but think he is too young as yet. Typically I will hold him until he stops, but sometimes we let him be. We also find that he is farting a lot and is fussy while he farts.

Is there anything I can do to help him burp, hopefully stopping him from hiccuping? I assume that the breastmilk is causing some of the discomfort.

Otherwise he is a dream baby who almost never cries...just fusses a lot. He eats a ton as well....we are already up to 17oz per day+.

Any help is appreciated.

Dehydration and Refusing a Bottle
Hello, I have a question about how to get my son to take a bottle again - he's rejecting it after an ear infection at seven monthsCollapse )


my almost 12 month old refuses to hold his bottle by himself! i know he shouldve been doing it months ago... i feel like, no, i KNOW its my fault because i always do it for him, and when i try to get him to do it himself he just throws it on the floor. same with the sippy cup. and the couple of times he has held it himself, he cant tilt it so he hardly gets anything :/

the same thing with his food, when i try to get him to feed himself (i mean i feed him first, but you know what i mean) all he does is mush the food up in his hands or throw it on the floor. i thought babies put everything in their mouths?? i mean, i guess im glad that he doesnt, but its okay if you do it with food!

what should i do? :(

Ok, this is an unusual question in that I need advice on how to get my son to take a pacifier, instead of get rid of it.

He's 10 days old and while I know it's not necessarily a good thing to introduce a pacifier, my husband and I are losing our minds. He has to be sucking at ALL times, and if we can't get him to suck on our pinkies, then it's me. If he's awake and doesn't have something in his mouth, then he's screaming. I can't go around with him attached to me all day long, so we've tried introducing the pacifier, which he rejects everytime. We've tried different brands, and no luck.

We also have the same issue with bottles. I've started pumping so my husband can feed him as well, and he rejects the bottle too.


Bottle feeding hell
Anyone have any experience with this?

I posted here about my then 3-month-old daughter refusing a bottle. She's almost 5 months now and she's still refusing it. I've already spent a small fortune on different bottles/nipples and tried syringe/cup feeding to no avail.I'm willing to try everything under the damn sun to make this work! SO and I have tickets to go see Muse this Saturday and it looks like we're missing it because of this. I'm just so frustrated and at my wit's end.

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Lennon closeup
My 13 month old is wayyyy attached to the bottle. Not only that, but we got in the habit of putting him to bed/down for naps with a bottle and it's the only way he'll go to sleep. Parenting fail, I know. Can't go back in time.

Attempts to send him to bed with a sippy cup instead result in epic screaming banshee tantrums that won't let up until the bottle is given.

Help? He doesn't get a bottle any other time other than when he's going to sleep and is fine, drinks great out of a sippy when he's up, so I'm pretty sure it's just a comfort thing. He refuses pacifiers of all kinds. Will giving him a bottle of water in his crib still ruin his teeth? I'd rather just be done with the bottles altogether...

And no, relactating isn't an option.

Thank you in advance for any help. <3

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has anyone tried these (silicone bottles)?

i'm intrigued and think i might want to try them but wanted to get a little more feedback before investing. there is only 1 review.

we still have bottles from my first but that was three years ago, before the bpa thing, so i should just toss those right?

my breast pump too? :(

Cleaning bottles
Charlotte- Peek a boo!
How do you all go about cleaning bottles?

I rinse mine out in the sink with soap and water and then put them in a sanitizer every single time that the bottle has been used. Does anyone else do this? When I tell other moms about it, they think it's a bit obsessive.

Refusing the bottle?
My 16 week old twin girls are EBF. There were a few times in the past when they've had bottles, mostly of expressed milk, but once or twice of formula, which they took no problem. The other day though, I was exhausted, and I asked my husband to give them a bottle of formula so I could get to bed a bit early. The girls flat out refused the bottle and in the end I nursed them. I put it down to them being tired so as an experiment I had my husband offer them some formula at their mid afternoon feed and once again, they wouldn't take it. I know they were hungry because they nursed straight away.

This is making me a bit nervous as although they are EBF they will be going to bottle fed (hopefully mostly pumped milk) at 9 months. Also in June I will need to be at work all day (part of maternity keeping in touch days) and will be with dad all day. I'm hoping this is simply that they prefer breastmilk, although that in itself scares me. When I go back to work I am hoping to rent a double pump and most of their feeds will be EBM. That being said, there are only a few times in the day that I can reasonably find time to pump at work (I'm a teacher) and I expect that one or two bottles will need to be formula.


Spit up
samantha sit up
Alright here's a fun topic. Spit up. My daughter does it constantly. She's formula fed and we've tried Enfamil Lipil, Nutramigen, Enfamil AR, ProSobee (in the hospital), Lacto-Free, basically every Enfamil product except for Gentlease. It's been like this since birth and she's almost 5 months old now.

None of it has helped. Reflux has been ruled out by GI scan. She sits up for a long time after she eats and that doesn't change anything. Sometimes sitting up makes her spit up, sometimes going from sitting up to laying down causes it. Any pressure on her stomach makes her spit up (which makes tummy time fun let me tell you).

It doesn't come out of her nose anymore, and it doesn't get the distance that it used to but I'd say that she's spitting up at least an ounce or two from one feeding to the next. She doesn't seem to be in any pain when she spits up (most of the time it just kind of rolls out of her) but it can't be healthy. If I puked all the time it would eventually mess my throat up, wouldn't it be the same for her? She seems to be gaining weight fine but she's always fussy, gassy, and she still eats about every 2 hours. Anywhere from 54-60 ounces a day and she sleeps usually from around midnight to 7 or 8 am so it's not like it's even spread out over 24 hours. When she cries for a bottle there's no distracting her. Either give it to her right then or she SCREAMS until she gets it.

Her doctor tried Reglan on her but it made her spit up double so that was stopped fairly quickly. I don't even know what to try next. The doctor isn't worried because hey she's gaining weight. Surely there is something that can be done to level this out?

Another weaning question
My almost 15 month-old will not give up the bottle.

He has one at his afternoon nap, another one at 5pm if he's super fussy, another one at 7:30 (bedtime), and then another one at 11:30pm. I am still giving formula.

When he started holding his own bottle months ago, I made the full-of-fail parenting moment to give him a bottle in his crib to calm him.

So that's what we do. I don't know if he technically falls asleep with the bottle IN his mouth, because often I find the empty bottle at the far other end of his crib, or outside of the crib. Either way, I know where rotten teeth come from, so I need to stop this ASAP.

He's always cried for a bottle at 11:30pm, then he will sleep until 6am, unless he's teething or hit a growth spurt. Then I have to add a bottle around 4:30am. Sometimes though, he will sleep from 7:30pm - 8:00am with just the 7:30 bottle. It's rare though.

How do I start this entire process? Cold turkey? Switch to sippy cups? What is your routine? Please, those that have gone through this, I would appreciate your tips on how you totally transformed nap and bedtime to being bottle-free.

Update on the Melamine issue
S Baby Oy
Reuters has a report on formulas that have tested free of melamine and cyanuric acid.

Turns out that the FDA tests on melamine were completed three weeks ago, but they didn't disclose anything to the public until forced to by an AP Freedom of Information Act request. The sudden release of information has caused confusion and several demands for recalls.

The FDA also issued a correction to AP: Yesterday's report incorrectly stated that the FDA had discovered trace amounts of melamine in Enfamil LIPIL with Iron formula. Trace amounts of cyanuric acid were found instead.

Product Information Request
my dear heavens
Hi fine parents of parenting101. Question for you: I was thinking of getting this for my husband. Does anyone have one? Is there a place I can check to see if it's been recalled? If you have one, do you like it?

Anxiously awaiting your reply as I'm sitting here with my credit card.

Read more...Collapse )

Also, I saw someone was looking for supplemental income in an earlier post, it would appear that these fine folks are looking for Sales Reps. Just a thought. Here's the link: http://www.littlewonders.com/


ETA: Think of the awesome playdates you can hold!

How many bottles should we buy? I'll be pumping part-time for awhile and then we'll be on 8am-5pm pumping after 3 months. TIA!

Just wondering...
swiped from &lt;lj user=&quot;daxcat79&quot;&gt;
Has anyone here used this: www.pacifeeder.com/

I've never even heard of it. It doesn't much matter now since DS has been off the bottle for months, but does it work?

sterilising bottles
An LJ friend has recently given birth to her second baby, and was told by the midwives at the hospital (a large hospital where I and many of my friends had their kids) that it was no longer necessary to sterilise bottles.

14 months ago when my son was born, I had the fear of God drummed into me about sterilising, using sterile gloves when removing bottles/pump parts etc from the steriliser, not making up formula ahead of time (which was ridiculous impractical advice I of course didn't follow)

...so what is the current wisdom on sterilising stuff?

(I still steam bottles because I'm the world's worst housekeeper and you don't want to see my sink in it's usual state haha)

Exasperated at my OB/GYN
So, I go in for my 6 week pp appointment and other then my doc giving me the go ahead for normal activities, she was a bit of a downer. Here are some thing she said:

(A little off-topic, but the meat of my moodiness is after this)
"you are out of shape I don't want you going back to Curves right away. Start with some workout videos"

--First of all I had been going to Curves as much as my body would let me during the pregnancy. I know I gained more weight than you wanted me to but c'mon, I think I can handle it!

These two things really got me going though, especially be cause it seems she is undermining my parenting:

"You need to be feeding him a bottle 3 times a week or he will never take a bottle when it comes time to wean him"

--Excuse me, WTF?!?! I think he will do fine. He's taken a bottle of breast milk before, when I was trying to figure out why he was always spitting up (problem solved and back to breast exclusively). He will take a bottle fine even if I don't give him a bottle 3x a week right?

"I think he has his days and night confused."

--Does he? Here is his schedule so far as he just started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old:

-7-8am wake up time. Change and feed
-3 hour nap
-10-11am Wake up. Change and feed
-sleep for an hour or so until next feeding usually around 1:30 pm
At this point he will eat about every two hours and he may or may not snooze in between feedings. We have been doing Tummy time, reading, singing, and bouncy seat w/ hanging animals to keep us busy.
- About 10:30pm or so he starts to get tired but he pushes himself to stay away to 11pm- midnight. I wake him up to feed around 1-1:30am and then he sleeps until between 7-8am

Naps and bedtime without bottle...
noah angel

I need suggestions on how to get my 8 month old to nap or to go to bed without the bottle.  He usually gets up about 9:30am and I feed him his bottle at 10am.  Then at his 1pm feeding he usually falls asleep and I then lay him in his crib.  Depending on that nap he may or may not fall asleep with the next bottle at 4pm.  My trouble is, if he doesn't fall asleep with the bottle, its a nightmare for naps, and a crap shoot for going to bed.  Sometimes, at bedtime, he doesn't fall asleep with the bottle.  Senario 1)  I lay him down in his crib, put on his light box and vibrator and he plays and falls asleep, Senario 2) I lay him down in his crib, put on his light box and vibrator and he throws a fit for 10-30 minutes.  I do go in there every 5-10 minutes and try to calm him down and restart everything but its so frustrating.  I want him to be happy but the whole rocking him to sleep thing doesn't work either because he's a little monkey now and won't let us, he wants to wiggle and crawl around and such...so, sugggestions?  Anything that worked for you?

Milk Allergies
I have just put a long post in my journal on baby weight gain (or lack thereof), potential milk allergies/intolerances.

I have not put it here cause its kinda long but please if anyone has any experience with these or any help/advice please comment.

Many thanks



*Edit: My son has just turned 5 months old, he has had some health problems in the past in which regular weekly trips to A&E were more than common for hte first couple of months, he has been admitted to A&E for just over a week with nasal feeds and oxygen, due to recession while breathing.

I am not breastfeeding due to my choices, thanks for the help advice on breastfeeding but please just accept that I am formula feeding him.

Refusing bottles?
My son is almost six weeks old, and just over the past four days he's begun resisting taking breast milk from a bottle. We began giving him one bottle of expressed breast milk a day when he was four weeks old -- my husband gives it to him each morning, while I pump. He took to the bottle so easily at first.

Brief back story...the pediatrician had us give him supplements of formula at only four days, because he lost over 10% of his body weight w/in the first four days of life and he was jaundiced. My milk was delayed coming in, I was told it was probably because of the fact that I had a c-section. We were able to stop supplementing him w/ formula after a few days, and continued supplementing w/ expressed breast milk until he regained his birth weight at 2 weeks. At four weeks we reintroduced the bottle because I have to return to work at the end of April and we'd been warned to start offering bottles between 4 and 6 weeks, or he may not take them at all.

So, suddenly my son's been resisting bottles -- crying when it's offered, and even pushing it out w/ his tongue. I know he's hungry, he's rooting, and will eagerly take the breast when offered. So it's not that we're trying to feed him when he's not hungry.

My question is, has anyone else in this community encountered the same thing, and if so, how did you work through it? Is it worth buying a bunch of different bottles and nipples to see if there's one that he'd take (we're using Avent bottles currently, and have since we first had to offer supplemental formula or breast milk in his first week). Or should we keep offering the ones we have, in hopes that if we're consistent this phase will pass? Not offering bottles isn't an option, unfortunately. I have to go back to work. I don't want to, but have to. =(

Edited 3-19-08: I can't thank everyone enough for thier advice & support! I'm glad I found this community. I purchased some of the BreastFlow bottles yesterday afternoon, and my husband offered one to my son this morning while I hid in another room. He took that bottle without a fuss! I was so relieved I could have cried. Thank you all so much!

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