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Infant Car Seat Carrier... or No?
I'm about 35wks with my second baby and I'm trying to decide what to do about infant car seats. With my first, I had a Baby Bjorn (which my husband loved - though I know people have other preferences for infant carriers) and an infant car seat carrier (a Graco that snaps onto the stroller). At the time, I had to go back to work at six weeks post-partum and I wasn't familiar enough with baby wearing to be comfortable with it. Now I'm a SAHM and I intend to baby-wear (I have a beautiful ring-sling I'm very excited about). That said, my mother wants to help buy us something that we need. At first I replied without hesitating, "An infant car seat carrier!" (Graco told me I could buy just the carrier and it would snap onto my seven year old stroller). Then I told her to hold off because the truth is, I wasn't a fan of the car seat carrier with my son. It made some things easier (switching cars, snapping onto the stroller), but it made other things harder (it was bulky, awkward, and heavy). My first (who is now six) never slept in the car, so it was never a bonus for me to leave him in it.

Now I'm trying to decide, should I ask my mom for an infant carrier or a second convertible car seat or something else entirely? I figured if I really found myself wishing I had an infant carrier, I could purchase one later. We live on a tight budget though and while I could do that, I'd hate to pass up an opportunity to get one without having to buy it myself. My BFF is not a fan of the infant carrier and with her third, she just carried him in her arms or wore him (she apparently messed up her back with the second kid in the infant carrier).

Did anyone here opt *not* to do an infant carrier car seat? What did you do? Pros, cons? Tips or tricks? I know it'll be a pain to unhook kiddo each time to get him out of the seat, but on the other hand, the infant carriers only last for a short period anyway...

I feel like I'm doing this for the first time all over again *sigh*.

Car seat question!
Thanks for indulging me.
Kiddo is almost 17 months, in an Evenflo Symphony 65 LX. It's okay, although one of the straps is twisted and we can't get it untwisted. She is at least 33" tall (measured at 15 months, possibly taller now) and weighs approximately 21.5 lbs. She has always been above the 97%ile for height and been skinny.
We are planning to fly to Florida and New York in late June and France in October.
1. renting car seats in both Florida (easy) and France (hard).

2. Renting in Florida and buying in France, since she will be a little bigger by October and maybe we could just get a 5-point booster for travel purposes then that would last us a while.
We will be staying with relatives in a small town in the south of France, but they're not close enough relatives that we would feel comfortable asking them to buy or borrow a carseat for us there--we would have to bring it ourselves. We know the carseat laws are different in France, but I'd rather break French law and have her in a US-certified seat than have to try and figure out what French carseat to buy that will then be totally useless back home.

3. Buying a seat that we take to both Florida and France. This is the most probable solution, but I'd love advice on what to buy. The cosco scenera is cheap, but with a rear facing heigh limit of 36" it doesn't seem worth it. We'd get through these two trips but that's about it (though our travel after this year will be more limited--we're trying to travel as much as possible before we have to pay for her ticket). Then I guess we would buy a 5-pt booster after she outgrew the scenera.
I've seen the True Fit and the Radian recommended for tall kids, but they are so pricy.
Thoughts? Should we just buy a cosco scenera and hope she stops growing so fast? Should we shell out for an expensive seat even though baggage handlers could destroy it at any time and we will only use it for a few weeks each year? Is there something else I'm missing?

EDIT: Also, another question about the cosco scenera... we have a Scenera in my wife's parents' car, and we hated installing it, but they don't have LATCH. Can a LATCH seat be used with the Euro standard? Or must we use the seat belt install (which for might rule out the Scenera just because it was SO awful to try to install using the seat belt and doing it after a long flight might kill us)?

Thanks all.

Convertible Car Seats
book & glasses
We're currently in the market for a convertible car seat because our 8-month old son is rapidly outgrowing his infant carrier. Our must haves include a rear-facing weight limit greater than 30lbs, continued use forward facing (65lbs or more), good reviews, and under $200. One with the ability to fit into a Subaru Legacy 2011, Subaru Forester 2001, and a mini van without difficulty would also be nice too. While we do plan on buying three seats (one for each vehicle so we won't have to switch the seat three times a day), it would be nice to only have to buy as few different seats as possible. Less 'change' for the kiddie and less research for the adults!

We're leaning toward the Evenflo Triumph LX because it has a decent price, good safety ratings, and fairly good customer reviews. However, it does seem a bit big. We're taking the Legacy (the smallest vehicle) to Babies R Us tonight for a test fit. The other cars will have their fittings later this week.

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Possibly the stupidest carseat question ever?
Daughter is still rear-facing in her roundabout 50, which RF's 5-35 pounds. She currently weighs 34.5 pounds with shoes/jacket, and we're trying to figure out when her seat will need to be flipped to FF. Does anyone know if she needs to be turned FF before she reaches 35 pounds, or if 35 pounds is safe rear-facing and we'll need to flip her before she hits 36?

I'm hoping to keep her RF through Christmas, since we have a 30 hour roadtrip planned, but the husband is nervous about the weight limit and wants to turn her now. She is totally fine height-wise. Thanks!

ETA: called customer service and found out that the correct answer is that she needs to be turned before she hits 35 pounds. Leaving this here in case it can be helpful to anyone in the future :)

Car seat question
I have a question. My parents both have decently sized cars (Jeep Cherokee and Ford Explorer) but with a rear-facing convertible seat, the passenger seat is virtually unusable in both cars. Is this normal? I want to keep my daughter RF at least until 2 if not 3, but I don't see how I can ask them to just never have a passenger seat again. (We don't drive, so she only goes in the carseat when we are with them). My mom has a Britax; I've forgotten what my dad has. Even with the front seat moved back as far as it can go, there's still no room at all. Makes me wonder what people with twins would do, since it would be impossible to have a steering wheel as well as a person. We had it professionally installed but something seems wrong.

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Peace in the sand
Since carseats are such srs bizness, I figured I'd come here one last time so that you guys can help me decide between two seats. Here's the lowdown...

- I am pushing 35 weeks pregnant, so I can't really procrastinate much longer.
- I want a 5 lb to 65 lb convertible seat that rear-faces as long as possible.
- I plan on skipping the infant seat altogether and using the convertible straight from birth, so I want the best seat for newborns and up.
- I'm on a budget, so Britax is out.
- I ultimately decided on the Graco My Ride 65, based on recommendations from many of you and reviews. Many of the other 5-65 seats were deemed too big for newborns, but this one was suggested.

There are two models of this seat that I'm interested in and both are on sale at Target right now. I'm trying to decide which variety of padding would be the best for a newborn. There's the Preston and the Prentis. So, P101, what say you? Which one should I buy?

carseat in Scion xD
is it possible to put a rear-facing* convertible carseat in the center seat of a Scion xD? We find the roundness of the center seat makes it uneven, and when we pulled our son out of it after thinking it was properly installed, it was totally loose.

i know.. i know.. another car seat question..
But this isn't a normal one.

I need to know if anyone knows where I can find information on when I should stop using the LATCH system and start using the seat belt to secure my granddaughters car seat in my truck.

I can't find anything in the owners manual of either one.

I have a 2004 Nissan Frontier king cab pickup and I have a Cosco high back booster seat. Child is 3.5 years old, 35 lbs. Currently it's LATCHED behind the drivers seat. I know she should be in the center but that's not convenient (we only use her carseat maybe twice a month and I need to be able to use the rest of my backseat and I don't want to remove the carseat all the time)

My daughter in law was told that in her 2003 Honda Accord she can only use the LATCH system until the chld and seat have a combined weight of 40 pounds. So she's switched to the seat belt system.

Is it that way for all vehicles/car seats or just particular ones?

Carseat Questions with a Twist! :-)
I did look back to see what I could find, but I find not many things are getting tagged and so if this has been asked and answered, I didn't find it. :-/

We live in central California. Its summertime. And its HOT. How do I keep my rear-facing little man cool in the hot, HOT car? I turn the A/C on as I'm loading him in but its still quite warm. And he faces backwards, so he's not getting any of the cool air from the vents. He also sweats like his mama (poor kid!), so he's just drenched when we get from point A to point B, even after the car itself has cooled down to a comfortable temperature. Any ideas?

We just moved him into a Graco My Ride 65, but I need some sort of entertainment device for him... In his bucket seat we had a toy bar that strapped on to the carry bar ( http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ZG2JH6/ref=s9_simh_gw_p75_d0_i5?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=center-2&pf_rd_r=1NE6HH2QVW3MG9G9S8J6&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=470938631&pf_rd_i=507846 )... Is there anything like this for a convertible seat? I can give him some of his toys, but I'd love if there was something that would fasten in place.

And finally, help me with correct positioning of things... Before installing the seat (My Ride 65) in the car, I read the directions and familiarized myself with the chair. It has a padded seat cushion that is removable and a head insert that is removable. The instructions say if the harness is positioned in a slot higher than the second one, not to use either of these inserts... So I took them both out (we're at slot three currently), but without those cushions, the harness should probably drop back down to the second slot - which the cushions would go back in for... So I'm at a catch-22... The cushions in put us in the spot to remove the cushions but without them we're at a spot where we should/could be using them. What would you do?

Car Seats
Today seems to be the day for car seat questions, so I'll jump on the train.

For those of you in Canada,

What car seat manufacturer (and model) do you use and how do you like it? What car do you drive? Does your car seat fit well in the car (i.e. no need to push the passenger seat all the way up)?

I am mostly interested in infant car seats because the baby isn't born yet, and we think that infant is the best way to begin rather than a convertible seat, but I am open to any and all recommendations.

safest place to install infant and toddler car seats in car
My daughter is nearly 3 and I'm due with a little boy at the end of this month. I'm ready to install the infant carseat but would like some input as to what would be safest. Right now my daughter is forward facing in the center. I'd like to put the carseats side by side. To me, safest sounds like it would be infant in middle and toddler on the side. But, I think I read in here once that the toddler should stay in the middle being she is forward facing and the infant go on the side being he is rear facing, which would make him safer. Is this correct? Thanks for the help.

mommy fail.
stardust coffee
Can someone hold my hand and walk me through the process of putting my carseat (graco snugride 35) back together? My kid puked all over it the other day, so I took it apart to wash the cover. Now, after messing with it for half an hour, I admit defeat. This gigantic hunk of plastic has outsmarted me. I looked on youtube because I thought that maybe someone had made a how-to video about it, but no. Google just brings me to ehow articles that reiterate what the manual says, and all that the manual says is "to reassemble seat, reverse the steps that you took to take it apart."

carseat argument
Hi, new here. 2yr-old son, and a daughter on the way in August.

After discussing my shopping list for baby#2 with my husband, he was not so receptive to the idea of having to buy a new infant carseat. Our old one is just that: OLD. We bought it used from a mom-to-mom sale, two and a half years ago (before I learned that these things have expiration dates and that you should never buy used, because you don't know whether they've been in an accident).

Anyway, when I told him that it was expired, he nearly flipped his lid, saying that I'm being overly paranoid, I "read too much," and the idea that carseats expire is the stupidest thing he's ever heard.

Am I being paranoid, or just appropriately concerned about my kids' safety? I'm not the only one who has heard about carseat expiration dates, right?

Carseat question
This is probably a stupid question, but do the age AND size rules apply to booster-type carseats (still with a 5 pt. harness)?  I have a very large 2 year 11 month old but the instructions say only 3 years and up.  And I know, truly at this point what is waiting a few more weeks, but I am just curious in general.  

ETA: I revise my question.  I checked and it is a folding booster that says "30 lbs AND 3 years old".  Now my question is should we put our 37 lb (almost) 3 year old in it any time soon?  It has no harness, but he's gettting too tall for the car seat he is in and the straps are significantly below his shoulders.  

Here is the seat: http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=the+first+years+booster+seat&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=985278440368863033&sa=X&ei=9jSyTb3fHMOV0QHh1fn5CA&ved=0CC4Q8gIwBA#

Help me pick a carseat!!
I've looked through the tags, browsed other sites, and read a lot of reviews, etc. but I still feel like I have no clue how to pick a car seat that will work best for our needs. I appreciate any suggestions you can offer! Here's the info specific to our situation:

Safety is my top priority. I'd prefer affordable options but am able and willing to pay more if necessary.
I do not plan to carry the seat in and out of the car to be used as an infant carrier, so I am open to using a convertible seat from the start if that ends up being the best option.
I would like to keep my child rear-facing for as long as possible.
I need it to fit safely and properly in our Saturn Ion 3 car which isn't a particularly spacious car.
My husband and I have only one car, so we would not require multiple seats/bases for our everyday needs.
We will need to fly cross country 2 or 3 times a year, so it has to be something that can be used on the airplane.
During these cross-country trips, we will be using a rental car at our destination, so it should be something that we can install in various cars safely and properly.

Any recommendations?

Edited to add: Baby is not born yet, so we would need something that works for newborns and up!

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Emma City Limits
I'm a Child Passenger Safety Technician, and use the forums over at car-seat.org a lot for reference. A fellow tech on those boards was in a serious rollover crash over the weekend, and I just wanted to share her story here. Her family of five were all properly buckled in seat belts and car seats and they all survived with minor injuries considering the severity of the crash. Their story is SO important, and it's why proper car seat usage is such a huge deal. Please take a few minutes to read her story and pass it along.

Cut for sensitivity and pic heavy - first person crash details and photos of the post-crash vehicle and seats behind the cutCollapse )

Unsure if your child(ren)'s seat is installed and being used correctly? Find a fit station here, and schedule an appointment - it might just save their life. http://www.nhtsa.gov/cps/cpsfitting/Index.cfm

WTF Car Seat
star trek
Since we all love car seat stuff here (AMIRITE?!), I wanted to share this. I just came across it on a blog and I'm kind of WTF at the idea of it. Anyone seen this before? Thoughts?

The inflatable car seat!

car seat safety?
lincoln rocks!
i need a link that says how california hospitals wont let you take your baby home if you dont have the proper car seat.

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keep in mind, i live in california, and he lives in texas. and no, i havent seen him since i got pregnant [except for skype]

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