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Crib Toys
It occurred to me today that my seven month old might entertain himself in the crib if I actually had something in there with which he could entertain himself.

What's your favorite crib toy?
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Crib Bumpers

Long story short, I'm having my second baby in July and a good friend with mad sewing skillz is making my baby bedding.

[Fears of a Mad Pregnant Woman]

She asked originally if I wanted bumpers and I didn't think much on it and said yes (note: she hasn't started sewing yet, so I could call her and be like NOOOOOO if I needed to be). I'd used them with my first and y'know, they're just sort of everywhere. Well, the whole world changes in babyland all the time and wouldn't you know that things are way different six-seven years later. With my first, I didn't keep them in the crib until he was around 6 months and could roll around himself, lift his head, etc.

Now, however, in the haze of pregnancy anxiety and trying to play catch up on all the rules, I'm second guessing myself. I tried googling alternative ways to dress up a nursery without bumpers but everyone keeps suggesting breathable bumpers which isn't the point I'm going for. I'm all about some decor and I just bought two yards of specialty fabric that was kind of pricey and I want to use it somehow.

Right now she's planning on:

- curtains
- crib skirt
- bumpers (which I want to change out)

- floor pillow/bean bag (for my older son so he could hang out in the nursery and be near me and his brother).

What could I replace the bumpers with decor-wise? I'd rather be safe than not :P

(A side note is that I'd hate for her to make these beautiful bumpers and then I toss them in the corner 90% of the time)

crib help!
We purchased a Da Vinvi Reagan in four in one convertible crib for my daughter. Well, at nearly 25 months she has learned to climb out of it! The obvious solution is to change it to a toddler bed, but we have misplaced the bolts for converting it! I also can't find our manual, so I feel screwed.

Is there anyway to purchase replacement toddler conversion bolts online? We still have the rail, but can't find the bolts anywhere. She's in our bed until we can change it over so I really need it ASAP because I forgot how much I hate cosleeping.

Transitioning out of crib
Sunset Unicorn
What are you best tips for transitioning your toddler from a crib to a bed?

My son is two years old, can go to sleep by himself and night-weaned. I am super worried about whether he's ready to actually stay in bed, especially in the early morning hours. But he seems to be getting more interested in climbing out of his crib and I think he could easily do it if he really decided to. So the time seems nigh.

Our plan right now is to add some bumpers under his sheets because he tends to lean against the crib walls at night, and put his crib mattress straight on the floor. He is an active sleeper and disoriented when he first wakes up, so I want him to get used to not being in a crib before we consider a toddler bed. We are going to put a gate outside his door and further toddler-proof his room so that he's safe in there. And, I'm thinking we'll talk up the big change for a few days (or even a week?) and continue our current practice of rewarding him with a sticker in the morning when he stays quiet-ish until his toddler clock lights up.

Any ideas on making it as smooth as such things can be?
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Follow-up to Toddler Bed question
My husband and I were discussing toddler beds this weekend while wandering IKEA. (When you live 300 miles from the closest one, scheduling a stop during an otherwise planned trip is a big deal!)

How did you decide when to move the kiddo from the crib to a toddler bed/twin/whatever came after the crib? Currently our 18mo (33" tall) isn't showing any attempts to climb out of his crib, but he's starting to throw his blanket out or over the railing - so we think he might be getting there soon.

He sleeps on a mat for naps at daycare every day now. He sleeps fine on a larger bed for naps at Grandparents and friends' houses. His crib is one that transitions into a toddler bed and then to a full-size headboard/footboard.

When you did make the transition to a bed that the kiddo could easily get out of - did you install a gate on their bedroom door or something? How did you deal with the possibility of wandering toddlers when they should be sleeping? (My son wakes often at night, and usually puts himself back to sleep. I'm worried he'll just get up and wander around if he wasn't in the crib.)
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So, what IS the deal with crib bumpers?
Delilah <3
I recently removed my nearly 5 month old daughter's crib bumpers from her crib, since she has started rolling/wiggling/squirming, and, y'know OMG DANGER OF SUFFOCATION!

Well, this morning, while she was playing in her crib, she stuck her foot (and half of her leg) between the bars of her crib. I was right there, and gently removed it right away, but isn't this also a hazard? If she had gotten distraught at her predicament, she easily could have injured her little leg trying to jerk it out of there.

So what's a clueless first time mom to do? Put the bumpers back in and worry about suffocation? (How often has a crib bumper suffocated a child, anyway?) Or leave the bumpers off and risk mangled arms and legs?

Is there a window of a certain age, or time between certain milestones when bumpers ARE safe to use? (Obviously they need to go before she's pulling herself up and could use them to hoist herself up and propel herself out of the crib.)

Time to transition out of bassinett?
My 3.5 month old daughter hasn't technically outgrown her bassinett yet, but I'm wondering if it might be time to start working on transitioning her into her crib. The last few mornings, when she wakes up, she has basically wedged herself down into the bottom of her bassinett. She sleeps swaddled, and somehow gets herself diagonal with her feet shoved into the bottom corner of the bassinett and her head pressed into the other side of it.

She usually naps well in her crib in her room (the bassinett is in our bedroom) and wakes up happy in there. I'm not sure if that would be different than at night, as so far, we have not put her to sleep in there at night.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Snarky remarks? :p

How Old
How old was your child when they figured out how to climb out of the Crib? My daughter is 11 months old and managed to climb out (fell out), I think she was more scared than hurt but I though it was still a bit soon.. she fooled me! the crib has always been on the middle setting (3 setting) so I put it on the final one, hopefully that will last me a bit while longer... I think its too soon to switch it to a toddler bed isnt it? (I have one of those 4 in 1) she cant even climb furniture.. or so I thought lol


Oh....baby crib mattress time.....
it time for my little girl too move onto a big baby bed.  So we are shopping for a mattress.  Questions: What a good brand and what should I look for and avoid.  Experience mom do tell....Also is worth it to go with a 3 and 1 crib or am I losing mind thinking it will last that long.

(no subject)
Katalina - brown polka dot
A couple questions I've been meaning to ask...

01. My daughter is 11 weeks and by now TV is really starting to catch her attention, I've started using this as a way to keep her entertained while I cook/clean/shower. It's great right now but I've started to worry that this might be getting her addicted to TV.

Do you think this will cause problems later on? My brother and I always wanted to sit inside and watch TV rather than go outside and play or do something constructive despite our parent's best efforts. I don't want Katalina to turn out like that, its just hard to tell if doing something that could mess her up.

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02. Also, Katalina moves around when she sleeps, she'll wake up in a completely different location from where I put her down, its cute and fun to see where she is every morning but I'm scared one day she'll end up face first into the bumper while still sleeping and not be able to breath. Any advice? Does your child do this? I don't see how we could possibly restrict her from moving around or if there is anything we can do at all. The doctor said its just her personality but it still worries me.

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delta enterprises crib recall
pink balloons
Hey, everyone. I read about this recall, and even though it may have been posted before, better safe than sorry!


"The Delta Enterprises recall included 985,000 drop-side cribs of various models, because of the potential for missing safety pegs. These cribs were manufactured in Taiwan and Indonesia and sold by major retailers including Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target.com, between January 1995 and September 2007. The recall also included 600,000 cribs of various models with spring-loaded safety pegs. These cribs were manufactured in China and sold between January 2000 and January 2007.
The recall doesn't affect any cribs now in retail inventory.
The company will offer consumers replacement safety pegs or spring peg kits."

This is very important, because two 8-month old babies died.

for more details on the recall, go here: http://www.cribrecallcenter.com/
or here: http://www.cpsc.gov/
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(no subject)
dr. jones
There was a recent crib recall by jardine:


just thought you all should know!! My daughter's crib was recalled, unfortunately. :(
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