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Kids Making Gifts
3 years
What sorts of gifts have your younger kids (I'm thinking the 2-5 crowd) successfully made?  My family does name-in-a-hat style holiday giving, but we are always trying to encourage our 4 y/o to make something special or useful for his recipient.  He has no tolerance (or aptitude) for drawning or art related things, so I always try to find something else.  
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What great projects have your kids made as holiday gifts?

What Do Your Kids Like to Read?
KFP 2013
My son, 2 years old, is a book lover like me and his daddy, and I'm always looking for ideas for new things to discover with him. While he likes books about traditionally "boy" things -- like trains and dinosaurs -- he also enjoys poetry, any story that is well-told, and especially stories featuring children or child-like animals, such as "Olivia" and "Caillou." He also loves stories that come with CDs, such as the version of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" featuring a CD with Ray Charles reading it, or the book "Dinosaur Pet" with a song by the same name.

What are your child's favorite reads? I'm looking at augmenting our Amazon.com wish list before the holiday gift-giving season.

Boy's first real holiday
George wedding
I'm going on a holiday later in the year with my husband, our kids (4 & 8), and my father and stepmother. I'm very excited, but I'm a bit concerned there'll be a conflict of interests.

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I suspect we're going to have an issue with Mr Four. He's a great kid, but he's also a young kid. He loves running, and playing, and bike riding, and scootering. He doesn't like sitting still, walking slowly, colouring, drawing, or museums that aren't interactive. I'd ideally like everybody to enjoy their holiday and I'm sure there must be some sort of balance between a childfree holiday and a completely kid-centric holiday.

So, to incorporate a small child into some of the activities that actual grown ups might enjoy without anybody being bored or whiny I'm thinking:

-lots of snacks, of course
-kid-centric activities in between adult ones ("We're going to the museum and then we're going to the playground.")
-digging out my old camera so he has his 'very own' camera (he loves stealing my camera)
-a 'brag book' style flip through album for post cards (my kids love post cards)
-a portable DVD player for the car if we absolutely must
-Dad and M are happy to take turns having one adult stay with the children in the evenings and letting the other three adults go out for adult time.

Any other ideas or advice would be appreciated.

Annoying Christmas/Holiday Gifts
OK, parents! For most of us, it has been plenty of time since the holidays to figure out which of the gifts your child has received is the most annoying! If you don't participate in holidays, then just tell of a gift in general. The toy doesn't even have to be from this holiday season!

Let us be each other's therapy buddies! I will sympathize with you if you sympathize with me!! ;)

"Santa" brought my daughter the VeggieTales Nativity set. It's all well and good except for the star. When you push it, it sings. The sound quality is horrible. It's all scratchy. And I can't understand what the little girl is even singing through most of the song!! And of course, my daughter must push it over. and. over. and. over. again. I cannot wait for the batteries to run out.

So, how about you? Do you regret giving your child something? Did an aunt or uncle get revenge?? Tell us!!

Make a Santa video for your kids!
This is a pretty cute and personalized video message from Santa. And even if you don't celebrate Christmas or believe in Santa, you can make a naughty video for your partner or a grown up friend. They are tailored for toddler, kids, or adults. I made one for both my sons and they were MESMERIZED.


Santa...yes, another Santa question.
[jessa] pink hat
For those of you that take part in the magic of Santa at Christmas time...

My parents always told me that Santa came down the chimney. Of course, we had a wood stove/fireplace at my parents. In my house though, we just have a gas furnace but still have the chimney. Does Santa come down the chimney and pop out of the furnace??! Or does he jump off the roof (or better yet, land in the backyard) and come through the door?

I've gotta get my story straight before my kid starts asking these questions. ;)

San Antonio recommendations
I've seen this work for other Moms here, so I thought I'd give it a try.

My husband and I will be traveling to San Antonio, TX with our son (who will be five months old) for Thanksgiving weekend (Wed-Sat). We don't have any family there (but we have no family here in Houston either, so we have no reason to stay put for the holiday), so our current plan involves SeaWorld on Thanksgiving day, but other than that...?

We will be staying on the River Walk, so that should prove to have some entertainment value for the other days, but otherwise, I'm stumped. Any sightseeing recommendations for two newbie-parents and a five-month-old? Restaurant recommendations (especially for Thanksgiving dinner)? Any places we should avoid?

I wear him in a sling mostly, so there shouldn't be any stroller issues...

Also, what's the weather like in late November? I realize it will probably be colder than Houston, but by how much?


wanted: a light weight/cute costume for my florida baby
Does anyone have any suggestions for a light weight & super cute costume for a 5 month old girl? I've been scouring the internet, and all the cute ones I find are thick, heavy & mega-hot looking, and anything light weight enough has been not-so-cute. Before anyone suggests making my own, I am extremely non-talented in the sewing department (I don't even own needles and thread, much less a sewing machine), so making my own costume for her is pretty much scratched.

Florida Octobers are pretty mild, I wish costume makers would understand that. :(

Pictures & links to where I can buy are a plus! And thanks in advance!

Halloween Costumes for Infants
I went shopping for halloween costumes for my two girls today (2.5 years old and 3 weeks) and couldn't find anything small enough for my youngest.  She'll be 2.5 months at halloween, but the 0-6 months costumes seem way too big for her.  I looked at Babies R Us, Childrens Place, and Carters.  Is that the smallest they come?

So, what's the Easter Bunny bringing your kids this weekend ?
What night does the Easter Bunny come to your house?

My 4 (almost 5) year old daughter is getting a Light Saber (LOL she's obsessed with Star Wars), several cans of Play-Doh, and a few chocolate treats.  Thankfully, she's not big into candy at all (yay) so we'll be hiding some chocolate eggs for her to find.
We're also having several dinners this weekend, at various relatives houses, so she'll be getting significant treats.
The Easter Bunny is coming to our house on Friday night, because Sunday morning we have to get going out of town very early and there won't be time for her to play with her Light Saber.

No V-Day stuff for boys?
Resistance is futile
We were at the mall today, and went to every store that sold children's clothing in hopes of finding something Valentine-themed for my son. (His first birthday party will be held around then, with a V-Day theme.) But everything Valentine-ish was for girls. I'm not overly concerned about putting my son in something mildly girly, but we're talking ruffly flowery dresses, stuff like that. I would have settled for a simple red shirt with a heart on it.

What gives?

Oh, and if you've seen something like what I'm looking for, I'd love to know about it. :-)

No matter what I do I just cant keep my 14m/o off the Christmas tree!!! She goes up to it, pulls the ornaments off and hands them to me, I tell her no, slap her hand (softly!!) and put the ornaments back on the tree, she grabs it again, hands it to me, I tell her no... After a few times of this its time out in the pack n play (which she seems to enjoy!!) for ten minutes. Then when she is allowed back out of again... she goes right for the ornaments on the Christmas tree!! I tried putting them just from the middle up but she pulls at them so hard the tree almost came down on her, I tried putting a gate around it but she screamed and knocked it over.

I have no idea what else to do LOL!! any suggestions please!! :)


EDIT: lol.... i might have come off as more annoyed then i actually am about this. we have had the tree up for 3 weeks and its just an every second of the day kinda thing! :) of course i understand her curiousity i was just looking for ways to have a little more control over it :)

(no subject)
pink balloons
I'm in a bit of an etiquette pickle here. Long story short, Dad knocks up girlfriend, and 12 months later, they're broken up with an awesome little baby boy. This leaves me in an odd place. I visit my brother, and the ex says its a-ok, and we seem to get along pretty well. She also has a 13 year old son. But I'm not sure if they like me much, and since Missie didn't invite me to Thanksgiving (which I thought might have been a possibility), I'm really not sure how close we're all going to be, if this is the trend. Especially since she knows my mother is dead, and well... our holidays aren't anything anymore. I was a bit upset I couldn't spend my brother's first thanksgiving with him, as well.

I was planning on getting them Christmas gifts, though, since I've got some for my brother. I don't know.. would you give gifts? I mean, it's not that I want presents in return, but I'd feel kind of silly giving presents to people who don't feel close enough to reciprocate. And I was going to get her parents something, too, since they're my brother's grandparents, and I will, presumably, be in their lives forever.

SO. Presents? Yes? No? Hmph.

I don't know if this is the best place, but I figure you've all got a handle on the whole family/baby/presents/complicated holiday weirdness here. Thank you, for any advice. And happy Thanksgiving, too.

The Drama That Shall Not Be Named...
Does NOT appear in this post! :)

Random question: what do you all do to involve your little ones in the holidays? Do you have a particular tradition that you're passing on (that you'd like to share)?

Since DS is just now two, he doesn't really "get" a lot of this stuff yet, so I'm looking for ways to involve him without completely going over his head :) And I'm thinking of resurrecting the "clementine/orange in the stocking" thing - which my parents never did (so technically not a resurrection, I know), but which I think is just awesome.

Also - do you find yourself allowing more TV when your kids are sick? My little guy has been congested and coughing like a fiend - and all he wants to do is sit and watch Sprout!

DIY xmas presents.
pink balloons
A bit of a silly question:

I want to make a mobile for my 2-month old brother. Soft stuffed birdies, etc. Felt, mainly. He'll be 4 mos by the time he gets it (Xmas). I know little children can do all kinds of silly/not so safe things, so I want this to be SAFE. Any advice? Materials? Metal? Plastic? Thread? It can't be TOO hard, right? Haha. Pieces must be bigger than his mouth, eh? I expect that's a darn good one to go by.

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xmas. GAH!
pink balloons
So, my dad's girlfriend has a 13 year old, and as we all know well, Christmas is coming. I'm not sure what kids these days are into, sooo... who better to ask than you fine parents? About the kid: He loves video games and making paper planes. That's about all I know, haha. I was thinking perhaps an origami kit?

What are you thinking about getting your teens, those who've got 'em around?

And actually, I have no clue what to get the girlfriend either, I don't have the opportunity to see her or her son often, as I've only known them since January and live 110 miles away from them. My dad doesn't know tons, either, as they got knocked up rather soon after beginning dating. Pregnancy tends to distract a bit. It's been a whirlwind.

And while we're at it, age appropriate toys/things for baby boy around 4 months old?


Funny fact: She and my dad have my lovely baby bro Gavin who is 2 months old this week, her 13 year old, and then there's me, 22. Talk about age gaps!

Thank you for ANY help. :)

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