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Shivering Tummy Ache?
For the last week my oldest (six, nearly seven years old) has been complaining off and on about his stomach bothering him. It hasn't been a big deal, although he threw up once after eating a Pop Tart last week. When I ask for specifics he says it's a "shivering tummy ache". If I ask if he feels like he's going to throw up, he just says "No, it shivers" and seems frustrated that I don't understand what the crap a shivering tummy ache is :P

Last night he spiked a fever, but medicine brought it down and he hasn't had a problem since (stuffy nose). He eats, but then says his stomach "shivers".

I'm starting to think I need to take him to the doctor, but I don't feel like he has enough symptoms to warrant it since he's not puking or constipated. Right now he has a bit of a cold, so maybe they're related?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Dehydration and Refusing a Bottle
Hello, I have a question about how to get my son to take a bottle again - he's rejecting it after an ear infection at seven monthsCollapse )


Paging Dr LJ (UTIs)
You know, I hate doing this because I always think if in any doubt see your doctor! But since I know I won't be able to get a non-emergency appointment quickly I thought I'd check here as well.

Dauhter is 26 months. Her nursery have been complaining she has very strong-smelling nappies (cloth) and think she may have a UTI. This happened once a couple of days ago but turned out to be caused by the nappies needing a strip, and yesterday again they said it was bad. I had a smell and while it smells quite strong it just smells like toddler pee to me - there's no foul odour or anything.

She doesn't complain about it hurting at all. In fact we do some potty training and she pees on the potty with no problems, and the urine in the potty was clear and not strong-smelling. She's had a cold and isn't teething as far as I know. She is somethings a bit defensive about having her nappy changed and her bottom wiped but that's a common thing for her (usually complaining the wipes are too cold!).

So, worth a trip to the GP, or wait and see if it clears by itself? Not sure if she will drink cranberry juice (probably not in the concentrations required to have an effect!). I will most likely make an appointment today but wondered what other people thought first.

Paging Dr. LJ: Neverending Cold?
16mo Kieran attends daycare full-time, so we're used to the unceasing procession of snotty noses that get much better and then get worse again as the new wave of germs washes into his toddler room.

But I'm starting to get worried now. Kieran has had a terrible sounding, productive cough for more than a month now and a majorly snotty, congested nose to go with it. He's not running a fever, and while it's obvious that he doesn't feel 100% all the time, he doesn't act like it bothers him all *that* much. Except at night. The coughing sometimes wakes him up, with fits so bad he's nearly vomiting. Those scare the heck outta him (and me.)

I've been (with the Ped's permission) giving him 2.5ml (half teaspoon) of Dimetap or Triaminic Nighttime meds to help calm the cough and make it easier for him to breath for sleeping. At Kieran's 15mo appt on 10/19 the Ped listened to his chest and said it was clear.

We've been riding it out, cuz I know there isn't really anything to do for a cold - but when do you take the kid in cuz he isn't getting ANY better? The Ped said that as long as it's a roller coaster of getting better, then getting worse it's OK because that means it's a new cold following up the old one. But this is 5+ weeks of the same level of sick with no apparently improvement. He's not wheezing or having apparent trouble breathing, so I tend to think we should just continue to ride this out.

Thoughts, oh more experienced parents of P101?

Peeling fingers
Baby Winnie the Pooh & Friends
My soon-to-be 8 month old has some peeling fingers. It started on Friday sometime during the day. He's getting over Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease. We're still unclear on exactly how he got it. As far as I know no one else at his daycare has it now or has had it recently. The baby book I have doesn't mention peeling fingers as a side effect. The doctor didn't mention it either. I also didn't see it mentioned on the CDC's page on the illness. I could call the doctor but since it's not bothering him and it's not bad, I figure there's no need to make the call.

Has anyone else's LO had this happen in with or without an illness around the same time? Is this a normal baby thing?


toddler yeast infection
toddler alli
how would i know if my daughter has a yeast infection?

when i called the consulting nurse, she made it sound like it wasn't possible for a 22-month old to have a vaginal yeast infection. she said there is yeast diaper rash, occurring in both boys and girls, but that its easy to see because it gives them huge angry red spots on the skin in the diaper area.

this is clearly not what's going on with my daughter.

background got longCollapse )

can a toddler have a vaginal yeast infection? (not yeast diaper rash) and should we use plain yogurt on her or leave it to the doctor to decide if she needs treatment and what to use?

Cough question?
 So I searched and searched the tags and couldn't find anything that sounded like what my son has ( will be 2 in a week ) . My son has had a cough for the last week. It comes and goes ( he isn't constantly coughing ). He has no other symptoms. No runny nose, no fever. He has been refusing naps. But sleeps about 11 hours ( which is normal for him ). He is still eating pretty well and drinking fluids well ( the last week he has been on a milk strike though ). He has what sounds like a dry cough but sounds like it is deep in his lungs. If that makes any sense.

For those of you with children with allergies at what age did the allergies start? Both my husband and I suffer from allergies ( He gets runny and watery eyes. I get coughing though it is very rare that I get allergies ). Anyone else's child go through this?  Thanks. Oh BTW he has an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

mucinex for kids?
asking for a friend is it safe to give kids (14 months) mucinex?

she's obviously asked her doc who said it was ok. I was just under the impression that you didn't give kids any of that medicine under 4 I think.

(Not sure what to tag it with)

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[jessa] pink hat
At what point would YOU take your vomiting toddler to the ER for risk of dehydration?

EDIT: Thanks. I found Dr. Sears' guide to vomiting and dehydration. It is very thorough. Thanks for the responses though.

Sick toddler, sore gums
Alice and pigbaby
This is sort-of-but-not-really a Dr. Eljay post, because I've already sought medical attention, but I'm wondering if your kids ever have problems with inflamed gums?

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Getting Medicine To Stay Down?
My poor wee daughter is ill and has a high temperature and the runs. I have paracetamol suspension to give her but she hates it. Every time I give it to her she spits it out. And when I do get it down her she proceeds to projectile vomit. Are there any ways to get it to stay down? She's currently only taking water until the runs subside, and she's just under 4 months old.

rotovirus and something silly
ugh. apparently there is a rotovirus outbreak in Port Charlotte, Florida. my cousin's nieces came down with it a few days ago, and she said that out of all the kids in the hospital, only 1 DIDNT have the virus

just in case anyone on here is in the area

ETA something silly

random 'bumper sticker' from facebook.com

Cold/Cough question...
At what point is a cough considered bad enough to go to the DR? My son is 17 months old and has had a little cold for almost 2 weeks now. Just when I thought it was going away the cough portion of it started and poor thing is coughing his head off...to the point of throwing up on a few occasions :-( I know that a cold will take a few weeks to fully get over but this is our FIRST experience w/the coughing. No fever, still playing/eating like a champ just coughing and coughing and coughing and coughing...

Thanks :-)

I guess I need to edit this to say he is a puker by nature...and has sensitive gag reflexes...so I'm not as concerned w/the puking as I am the coughing. Thanks again!

Chicken Pox
My 22 month old woke up this morning with full blown Chicken Pox.

- Aveeno Bath
- Benedryl
- Kalamine Lotion (spell?)

Am I missing anything?

She's been "rash-like" since Wednesday.  Just very small raised spots on her chest and hiney and I was getting ready to make her an appointment to have it looked at....  until this morning.

So now... I am just trying to keep her comfortable.

Bronchiolitis, RSV, Nebulizer
My 5.5 month old has been coughing and wheezing since Tuesday (getting worse every day) and today she went to the doctor who says she has viral Bronchiolitis. My husband used to take Albuterol for asthma when he was younger, so they gave us a nebulizer and some Albuterol for her.
I would love to hear other people's experiences with this condition and with the nebulizer. We gave her one treatment this evening when she had a coughing fit. Should she be getting regular treatments or just when she has a coughing fit? The doctor seemed to indicate that either way was fine, so I will give her a treatment every 4 hours if it helps to clear this up faster.
She has a slight runny nose on Monday of last week (almost 2 weeks ago) and like I said has been coughing for 4 days. We were planning to travel 6 hours to see my family in a week. What are the chances that she'll be feeling better by then? Is it worth the risk? The thought of her having one of these coughing fits when she's strapped into her seat on the freeway freaks me out a little bit.

Baby's First Cold :(
I caught a cold towards the end of last week, and my 7 month old has caught it. This is the first time he's been sick. Dumb question, but I have no idea if I'm supposed to call his pediatrician or not? I've never called the ped. for anything, just gone to the wellbaby appointments. Would they prescribe anything for a baby under a year?

Either way, any knowledge you can share for ways I can ease his discomfort and get over this as quickly as possible? I'm already trying to be extra diligent about washing my hands. I'm going to take some lysol wipes to his toys and boil his pacifiers. Other than that and doing a load of laundry for blankets and stuffed animals, is there anything else I can do?

Both my son and I are starting to get colds. So far, my DS is just couching and has slight congestion. His temp is still normal and he is still happy and now rolling like it's going out of style.

My question for you all is what can I do about myself. I read on Kellymom that decongestants can tank my supply, so is there any thing you would recommend to keep the aches and stuffiness at bay. I saw all the suggestions on Kellymom, but I was wondering what worked for you and what did you liked better as a homeopathic remedy?

Baby cold
Poor little girl is not well. She's got a cough and the sneezes, no runny nose and thank god no fever, actually at times her forehead feels kinda clamy (sp?) It hasn't taken away her appetite, she's on the boob more now. She's napping now.

And to make matters worse, I'm not well either.

I don't like the idea of giving her medications is there any thing I can do to sooth her cough or then what I'm doing, giving her the boob whenever she wants it?

Edit: Opps I forgot to mention her age, 6 1/2 months.

is nursing enough?
amelie made by mintyfreshicons
my LO has been sick since Monday and has had a constant fever (around 38 centigrade). the doctor says that it's just from a bad cold and prescribed some medicine, which has been keeping her fever under control. because of this illness, she doesn't have much of an appetite nor the energy to do anything, so all she does is sleep and nurse all day long. she's 1 yo and 2 weeks now and has been eating solids since she was 6 months old.

i'm concerned about her nutrition right now since she's had barely anything to eat these past four days. is the nursing going to be enough for her? she nurses every time she goes to sleep and wakes up, which is around 2-3 hour intervals throughout the day. if the nursing isn't enough to sustain her nutrition, what are some things you could recommend to feed a sick and feverish little girl?

thanks in advance!


baby cold
My 7 week old has caught my cold.  She doesn't seem to be in any distress, just her nose is snotty and she is coughing like me.  Any suggestions on what I can do for her?

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