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November 7th, 2012

Nov. 7th, 2012

Thanks all for the comments on my nightweaning entry. It's actually been going pretty well - she's getting better and better at getting herself back to sleep without help from us - but this cough she's got is putting a bit of a wrench in it.

She's been off and on sick for a few months - she's been in daycare since she turned 1, so this seems pretty normal, but the past few nights her cough has been really bothering her. She has a bit of a runny nose but not too bad, it's mostly just this terrible coughing, causing her to wake up way more than usual. Her appetite has been really off too - apparently she's eating ok at daycare, but at home she's barely eating any breakfast or dinner.

So far we've just been giving her lots of water, sometimes herbal tea with agave (I read conflicting things about honey) if she'll drink it, trying to limit dairy (though I'm still nursing her 3-4 times a day), last night I gave her some of those Boiron homeopathic things which may or may not have helped.

Tonight I think I want to give her a cough suppressant so she can get some sleep. She looked exhausted this morning. I'm not normally one for going the medicine route with 'just a cold' but in this case, I think it's necessary.

I found some dosage and brand recommendations on the Dr Sears site, but I wanted to check here for any additional thoughts/cautions/etc? Should we do just a suppressant or the suppressant/expectorant? Her nose is slightly runny but the main problem at this point really is the cough.

When we were at the doctor last week, we talked about coughs/colds and their stance is basically unless it persists without improvement for more than 2 weeks, just treat it at home, so I don't think she needs to go to the doctor at this point.

Edited to add: she's 18 months. We don't have a humidifier or vaporizer (yet). We live in Canada. It *sounds* like a dry cough, and her runny nose is on and off.

Edited to add: Thanks everyone. I guess based on this and the information we got from the pharmacist, we'll avoid the cough medicine for now and hope that it passes on its own soon.

*The* potty, not *to* potty...

I've checked the tags and didn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I thought I'd ask for some personal experiences (well, or personal-by-proxy) to my luxury problem. :P

Currently we've had this seat (linked to Amazon) in our main toilet for a while. Looking for a ladder thingy with handle so he doesn't grab the edge of the toilet seatCollapse ) My husband will be dancing dances of joy when he doesn't have to see yet another addition to our apartement, so be honest! :-)

Unrelated backgroundCollapse )

I hope I didn't screw those LJ-cuts up.

Interviews for Class

I'm looking to ask parents who have a child with disabilities a few questions for one of my college classes. I am a future educator and will be very discrete with your information. The two interviewees I had feel though and I would love to talk with you this afternoon if at all possible.

EDIT: THANK YOU TO THE WONDERFUL PARENTS WHO CONTACTED ME! If I haven't messaged you yet, I will contact you later. :)

Bad timing...

Grrrreeeeaaaatttt....just had to drop my classes due to pregnancy complications. I'm 30 weeks along in a high risk pregnancy, 2cm dialated, on procardia for preterm contractions, on strict bedrest the next 2 weeksa at least, until I see my OB again, and just had a cerclage (sp??) placed on Monday. I also have a 19 month old baby girl to chase around. I'm so totally crushed. And since my due date (Jan 18) is the exact same day that Spring semester classes begin (and my induction date is the week of Jan 10th)...I have to wait until summer to resume classes. Poo I just feel like crying. FWIW, I was taking 9 hours (3 classes), one Tuesday-Thursday math class, and 2 fully online classes. My main concern is the campus classes. I plan to have the same schedule when I return to school nomatter where I go. There is a junior college about 30 min away from my school that offers late start classes. Those classes start Feb 11. I could take those, but i'm worried it will still be too soon after having the baby. For you student mommas out there, how long did you wait to return to class??

Breast milk and toddlers...

Sorry if this is an inappropriate question here, but I don't think i'm a member of the Breastfeeding community anymore....

So i'm pregnant, 30 weeks, and will be having baby in 9 weeks (induced). I plan to try and breastfeed, even though it didn't go well with DD #1. I tried and tried, and my milk never properly came in, and then when it did I tried (and failed) to relactate. Finally, a local IBCLC and my Dr found out that it's because of my meds that effects my milk supply. Not sure what i'm going to do about that, because I HAVE to be on these meds, but that's another post LOL If I succeed, and manage to have a decent supply this time around, I would like to exclusively breastfeed until 5 or so months. I feel really guilty that I didn't give DD #1 her best start and was only able to breastfeed the first 3 months, so I was wondering if it would be weird (or even beneficial at this point) to give her breastmilk after DD #2 is born? When DD #2 is born, DD #1 will be 21 months. Has anyone ever heard of this, or is it silly?


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