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November 13th, 2012

help me organise my house

I'm 38 weeks pregnant and now beginning to think my furniture set up is not going to work. Please help. I'm sort of in panicky mode at the moment :(

We have a small three bedroom house and a just turned 2 year old son, Liam.

1. Master bedroom can fit our bed, a bassinet with a tiny bit of space left over.
2. Liam's room currently fits his big boy bed, chest of drawers, arm chair, and change table.
3. Third bedroom has been turned into a playroom + fold out futon. Toys etc used to be in the loungeroom, but I found it overwhelming.

So here are my questions. I think they all have to do with the change table hahaha :) I love the change table!!!

a) When baby is a newborn, he will sleep in the bassinet in my room. Where would I breastfeed him at night? My options are, in bed, where my husband also sleeps, go into Liam's room and feed him on the arm chair, the playroom futon, or the lounge room.

b) Where would I change newborn's nappy during the night? Newborn's clothes are in Liam's room at the moment. I can move the change table into our bedroom (and just bring a stack of clothes just in case), or change him in Liam's room. I could change him on the bed next to my husband?

c) When Liam was a newborn, we bathed him in his room, and changed him there on the change table. Where did you change your newborn if you bathed him in the bathroom?

d) I plan to have the boys share Liam's room when the baby is old enough, (when he outgrows the bassinet if we don't co-sleep) which means putting the cot/crib in there, and taking out the arm chair/change table. Where would you put the change table then? Give up on it?

Liam currently sleeps through the night and I don't know how deep a sleeper he is.

Thankyou for any suggestions you may have!

Oh, one more question:

What do you do with dirty disposable nappies? We used to have a nappy pail next to the change table, but it used to get really stinky :( These days Liam doesn't get changed nearly as regularly, so it's not such a hassle to take his nappy out to the bin every time.

Car seat and airplanes

Next month my husband, son (17 months at the time of trip) and I will be flying to the east coast to visit family over the Christmas holiday. We need to take a car seat with us, and I'm looking specifically for a car seat that will easily fit and install in an airplane seat. I'm looking at either the Cosco Scenera or the Evenflo Tribute 5. Does anyone here have any experience with either of these two seats? Any other seats that I should consider (preferably under $100)? Any tips or tricks I should know when it comes to installing a car seat on a plane (we're flying on Virgin America)? Is is possible to have him rear facing on the plane? Flying is always a bit stressful for me so I'm trying to be as prepared as possible.

Older kid potty issues

My son just turned 6. He still has regular daytime pee accidents (night, too, but I'm less worried about that). He has never been consistently dry for more than a couple of weeks. It was averaging once a week or so (but, again, could sometimes go a couple of weeks), but for the past few weeks, it's been daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. He says he doesn't know when he needs to go. He's in KIndergarten and has had accidents at school twice now. He just doesn't go all day while he's there. I've tried basically everything there is to try. I just ordered a vibrating alarm watch for school, but it's not here yet. His pediatrician says it's not a concern until he's 7, but I really don't want him to have to go through a year of embarrassment and smelling like pee. He doesn't need one more thing making it harder to make friends. He is developmentally on track in most other areas. He's extremely advanced intellectually, actually. We're having him evaluated for some sensory/behavior issues next month (possibly Asperger's or Sensory Processing Disorder), and the ped said to wait and talk to them about the potty issue. But it seems to me (and most of my Dr. Google research agrees) that it would make more sense to identify or rule out any medical causes FIRST, and then look at behavioral causes. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any advice? Commiseration? Light at the end of the tunnel stories? I plan to schedule an appointment with the ped & hand him what I've seen about tests, etc. that can be done, but I'm just extremely frustrated. 


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