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November 19th, 2012

More 1 year old help, lol

Can you tell it's my first kid? Haha. I just feel like now he's one and walking, he's getting into so much more stuff! So, how do you discipline (and I use that word lightly) a 1 year old?
Let me clarify. Here's an example:
Our Xbox/Playstation/Cable box are all within his reach. We keep the games and controllers next to them. (I know, easy solution would be to move them, bu right now we don't really have any other place to put them)
He is constantly going up to the stand and pulling out the controllers/knocking all the games off the shelf. He also likes to turn the Xbox on and off, which was cute until he started doing it while we were PLAYING the Xbox, haha.

He also has this fascination with cords plugged into the walls, and likes to do his darnedest to unplug them, then walks around with the cords.

SO. How do I deter this behavior? We have tried telling him NO and picking him up and moving him elsewhere in the room, telling him NO and turning him around when he's headed that direction, etc. None of these things have worked and we have turned to spankings (not hard, obviously, but just a swat to try to bring the message home) but I really don't want to set a precedent of spankings as a form of punishment- I'd rather use time outs and such in the future, but clearly at age one that won't work.
So do you guys have other ideas that I haven't thought of?
Thanks a ton.

how do you deal with two?

I had an emotional panic attack that had me crying in a closet this morning so my 2yo wouldn't see. 8 days til my due date with the second kid and i just don't know how I'm going to cope.

My husband came home from work today and my son wanted nothing to do with him, wouldn't accept his help, refused to ask him to get him snacks/books/other things his father is completely capable of, and only wanted *me* to do things.

My husband also has only one week leave when the baby comes, and my mum will have the week off after that to help. After that, it's all me. How will I deal with my toddler requesting attention all the time? How will I assuage my guilt that I cannot give both of them my full attention?

So I'm asking for a plan of attack for those of you who have had a newborn + toddler before. Any tips, hints, tricks?

If anything, some words of encouragement would be much appreciated too.


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