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December 3rd, 2012

Kids Making Gifts

What sorts of gifts have your younger kids (I'm thinking the 2-5 crowd) successfully made?  My family does name-in-a-hat style holiday giving, but we are always trying to encourage our 4 y/o to make something special or useful for his recipient.  He has no tolerance (or aptitude) for drawning or art related things, so I always try to find something else.  
A few we've tried...Collapse )
What great projects have your kids made as holiday gifts?


Friend with new baby

A friend of mine gave birth to a girl eight days ago. She is not an Lj user, but anyway, she had informed me that she unexpectedly had to switch her dd over to formula because apparently her milk did not come in well, if at all. I was a bit skeptic at first and had wondered if she just gave up too early and I encouraged her to at least keep trying while supplementing with formula and eventually it would come in. She had informed me that one breast never even produced collustrum as the staff at the hospital had identified, she tried pumping too, and to no avail, no collustrum, no milk...nada for a few days. She also had said her daughter was constantly trying to nurse and cried all the time as if she was hungry, and said she stopped producing wet diapers as well. She said her cheeks started sinking in and was showing clear signs of dehydration from lack of milk.

She had said when her milk finally did come in it was five days later and when it came in, it wasn't much, the one breast never came in at all. She got very teary-eyed and was upset, mostly because her daughter was dehydrated and loosing too much weight, and was not happy that no one in the hospital had suggested trying to supplement with formula sooner, that her daughter was going hungry and needlessly suffering. At some point, a nurse or tech had said that the hospital is working toward being a "baby friendly" hospital, and they are not allowed to mention attempting formula feeding to new mothers and to discourage it.

That being said, any rn worth their salt would have said "fuck this,I know better, this baby is not getting what it needs, and who the hell is going to tell that I told mom to try formula?"

I must also Note, that my friend had an extremely rare and basically unheard of condition when she herself was a baby, she had an ovarian cyst rupture and apparently require surgery was a newborn.she said the doctors treating her had never come across it and in fact, had published an article about her case in a medical journal. Her current physicians have never heard of that happening. Her suspicion is that perhaps this had somehow effected her body's ability to effectively make milk.

Is there anyone out there who struggled with their milk comming in or not at all?


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