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December 7th, 2012

Teach ME how to potty train HER!

Is it normal for me to be so clueless about how potty training works?
At this point, my daughter is not quite 2 and a half and we've reached potty training milestones, I think...
1- She's no longer scared/annoyed at the potty and willingly accepts to sit on it. She does so fully clothed.
2- Because I know she ALWAYS pees when I start the water at bathtime, I've started sitting her on the potty when I start the water and both times I did, she peed (and there was much rejoicing.)

Now you're like ok, go on, what's the problem?

What now?
She doesn't ask for it or anything. I'm just lost and there's a nagging voice at the back of my mind telling me I shouldn't be!
Over on FB, I've been watching a utube video of "The Marshmallow Test". It's a test that was done on young kids, which at first glance seems to be testing kid's patience, or ability to delay gratification. The child is seated at a table and a plate with a LARGE marshmallow is placed in front of him/her. The adult tells the child "You can eat this marshmallow now, but if you can wait 10 minutes, I'll bring a second marshmallow, and you can have two." The test is ACTUALLY about how children respond to the reliability of their environment! Before the marshmallow part, the adult gives a 'used' box of crayons to the child with paper and makes a similar proposal:"You can use these crayons now, or if you can wait ten minutes, I'll go and get some other better crayons." If the adult returns and apologizes and says she couldn't find the other crayons, the child is more likely to eat the single marshmallow, as they perceive the environment as "unreliable (a bird in the hand,etc.) If the adult actually brings the better crayons, the child is far more likely to delay eating the single marshmallow, as they see the adult as reliable. So DON'T promise what you may not be able to deliver!!

There's also a utube video of a "Mature Marshmallow test" done with adults, and I LOLLED!!! (they sniffed and covered it up and turned their backs and had a HARD time waiting!!
1) Today I had to pick the little guy up from daycare because he had diarrhea and he threw up.  I think it may be related to the Gerber 3rd Foods he ate on Wednesday night. I say that because the last time he had diarrhea he had eaten those at least 2 nights in a row.  That was a week to 2 weeks ago.  He never threw up that time.  The diarrhea lasted about a day.  I still give him that stuff if I get home too late and I don't want him waiting a long time to eat.  Or he won't eat what I've cooked for dinner and I want him to eat something.

I was thinking the other day that he might be too old to be eating those.  He'll be 2 on the 15th.  I'm not sure why he would though. Google has failed me.  Maybe his system doesn't like those foods anymore.  I feed him those smoothies by Ella's Kitchen and couple of other brands I can't recall at the moment.  No problem there.

Has anyone else ran into this?

2) A friend invited the hubby and I on a cruise.  If we go, we'd have to decide if we want to take the little guy.  He'll be 2 1/2 yo. I read the travel:water tags and there's some good info.  I'm asking here to see if anyone has traveled with kids on the Carnival Victory Cruise.  How'd did it go?  In the past I've been told not go to Carnival because they aren't as nice as other cruise lines.  I also plan on being pregnant then.  If all goes well, I'll be about 8 months.  That probably sounds crazy yet I still want to go because it's our friend's and his wife's 30th birthday. Plus, being in the military means friends and family are often far away so we want to take this time to spend with them and other friends.  So any advice on cruising while pregnant would be great.


Preschool Giftmas?

Hi everyone,

My daughter (age 2.5) started preschool just before Halloween. She has finally acclimatized to the class, and seems to be making friends. I anticipated that we would be giving holiday gifts to her teachers, and that is no biggie. I didn't think in depth about classmate gifts until I found a large goodie bag in my daughter's cubby hole today.

Not wanting to miss out on the fun of giving, I'm sort of at a loss for ideas that will be somewhat unique in a sea of Crayolas and lollipops. I'm looking at gifts for 12.

Do you prepare goodie bags for your children's classmates for this time of year? Any ideas that won't cause cavities or anaphylactic shock are a plus.

As an added bonus, what are your favorite fun teacher gifts beyond Starbucks/iTunes gift cards? I'm thinking about gift certificates to a local bookstore, but I realize not everyone is into that kind of thing.

Thank you for your time.

Dec. 7th, 2012

I have a 3 year old boy, Andy, who is bored to death in daycare and we are planning on enrolling him in pre-k for the next school year. His dad and I are divorced and our son's primary home is with his dad in the next town over. We have shared decision-making responsibilities (our state's fancy way of saying joint legal custody).

We agree that Andy should be in a fully accredited school (not another daycare facility) where he can transition to kindergarten and possibly primary school. There is no secular public pre-k or kindergarten available in the town that my son lives in, and since I am not financially prepared for primary parenting responsibilities, he has to live with his dad for the time being. We are looking at private programs. So far the best option, location-wise and financially, is a Catholic school.

I disagree with some of the core social teachings of the Church and I am concerned with what Andy will be learning (at this school, students in all levels have required religious ed and must attend Mass). We both are athiest and plan to give Andy a balanced, fact-based education when it comes to religion so he can make up his own mind about what he believes (or doesn't). So I am really uneasy when it comes to the idea of giving people money to tell my kid that gay people are bad (his uncles are gay), divorced people are bad (his parents and one set of grandparents are divorced), people with children out of wedlock are bad (my sister is expecting her first child soon), you can be a terrible person and if you just tell God you are sorry and say a few prayers you won't suffer any real consequences, God created every single thing on earth and loves everyone and everything except for certain types of people, etc. We both went to Catholic school as children and we don't have very fond memories of it (these were things that we were both taught). It really feels like the only feasible option, though.

Any suggestions from other parents who have been there? Would we be better to wait until Andy can live with me to enroll him in public kindergarten?

TL;DR: Athiest parents plan to send a blank-slate kid to Catholic school because there aren't many other options. Will we regret this?


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