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Parenting 101

A Beginner Course in Creative Parenting

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Parenting 101

This is a community for intelligent, open-minded, knowledge-seeking people to rant, share information, ask questions, and discuss different viewpoints on various parenting subjects. This is NOT a community for those who blindly follow the herd. If you don't make your parenting decisions based on knowledge and careful consideration, then this is NOT the place for you.


* No spam or community ads without mod approval.
* No disabling or deleting posts or comments. Don't change fonts or formatting.
* No off topic or sappy goodbye posts.
* Try google before asking simple questions.
* Check tags before posting.
* Use tags when posting.
* <lj-cut> pics & long posts.

* Be respectful and open-minded. While we are not looking for debate, when ideas are shared, disagreements happen. Please be adults.

Threads and posts will be frozen or deleted if necessary. Posts that break the rules can/will be deleted at the discretion of the moderators and habitual rule breakers will be banned.

For problems, please contact jewe1z.

This community began as a sister community to boob_nazis, so if you have problems with receiving advice and information from boob_nazis, please refrain from joining.

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